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Coaching Software Reviews for Simply.Coach

Features of Simply.Coach

Personal Dashboard

Single view of all engagements, upcoming sessions, pending actions & more

Independent Coaching

Manage 1-on-1 Coaching engagements. Customise all aspects as per ICF, EMCC or MGSCC

Team Coaching

Manage shared & individual goals. Track individual & team progress

Goal & Development Planning

Manage your client’s goals & progress from one central place

Session Management

Make each session an impactful experience

Action Plans

Help clients stay accountable in their coaching journey

Document Management

Store all your contracts, files & articles in one place

Shared Resources

Add value by sharing resources with your coachee

Client Workspaces

Enjoy better collaboration with clients

Digital Tools

Full customisable digital tools for 360º feedback, self reflection and any other surveys

Stakeholder Management

Get an outside-in perspective for better coaching outcomes


Drive lasting behavioural change with customisable nudges

Calendar Integration

Google and Outlook calendar integrations

Zoom & Teams Conferencing

Bring your entire coaching process to one window

Private Journals

Private journals for coach & coachee. Upload handwritten notes

Personal Branding

Use Showcase Pages to talk about your specialities and allow potential clients to book appointments

Automate Invoicing

Store contracts in one place, create invoices within the system and automatically send invoices every month

Live Support

Get your questions answered and make the most of the platform - we're here to help you maximize impact!

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Simply.Coach is meant to make life easier for coaches by simplifying the day-to-day administrative part of their coaching practice. This means coaches have access to a seamless client management process, have all the nitty-gritties of running a business taken care of, and have the tools to help market and sell their services effectively – all so that they can focus on bringing their clients the results they are looking for.

Simply.Coach is essentially meant for three groups of people: a) independent coaches who are overwhelmed with the day-to-day functioning of their coaching practice; b) coaching businesses with multiple guest coaches, master coaches, program managers, and HR partners, all of whom need a coaching software to stay on top of various engagements; and c) organizations & enterprises with large number of internal coaches and coachees. You can go through all the coaching software reviews for Simply.Coach by other coaches to see how it has helped them in their own unique coaching practice.

Absolutely! The trust and confidentiality of our coaches and their clients are things we take extremely seriously. Which is why Simply.Coach is based on a multi-tiered data security model and near real-time backups are taken across multiple availability zones in encrypted and access-controlled containers. As far as data goes, your information will not get shared with anyone (even your clients), unless you share it with them. All meetings, documents, and conversations are completely encrypted and are accessible solely by you.

You can get started for free! We have a 14-day trial available so you can test out the platform before committing to it. You can check out pricing options for independent coaches here and for coaching businesses here.

In so many ways! Primarily, Simply.Coach is a coaching platform that frees up time for a coach to focus on being truly present for their clients in order to guide them towards their desired goals. We have seen numerous coaches struggling to keep the many facets of their business up & running – which is especially difficult when everything that a coach requires to run their business is scattered and unorganized – all of which ends up keeping them way too occupied in running the business instead of improving their coaching efforts.


Simply.Coach brings everything together so you can spend less time running your business and more time coaching! You can check out all the coach software reviews for Simply.Coach to see how it has helped numerous other coaches for their own unique coaching practices, no matter which niche of coaching they belong to.

Yes. Simply.Coach offers you the flexibility to build a coaching experience that is unique to you and the clients you work with (there are several coaching software reviews for Simply.Coach that you can go through to understand how it has been working for coaches with very different niches and methodologies) . We understand what coaching entails – it is a development process tailored to your client to help them achieve their goals and each client is different. You can create your own intake forms, worksheets, exercises, and reviews and capture client responses in one place. You also have the option to digitize and automate specific forms that are common to all clients.

Well, this is purely subjective and depends on the needs of each individual coach. If you’re a coach who is frustrated with the time and effort that goes into keeping your practice running, a coaching management platform like Simply.Coach can definitely make your life easier. It will enable you to spend more time doing what you truly wish to do, i.e., working with your clients to help them get closer to their desired life goals.

To know if Simply.Coach is the right fit for you, please feel free to go through all our coaching software reviews to see what coaches from various walks of life have to say about it!

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