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Your Guide to Executive Coaching Best Practices in 2022

As a multibillion-dollar industry, coaching provides employment to thousands of professionals across the globe. A simple search for the word ‘coaches’ gives over 6 million results on LinkedIn. The market size of the coaching industry was around $15 billion in

6 Core Leadership Coaching Skills to Embrace for Maximum Impact

As a coach you know that coaching is different from training or just consulting. Coaching is about facilitating positive thinking in the individual who’s being coached, developing individual skills, steering them to self-learn, diagnosing obstacles and finding solutions that boost

The 4-Question Process to Help You Choose the Right Coaching Clients

I usually receive coaching requests from senior executives directly. Sometimes through the HR function of an organisation which essentially means that they have either recognised certain individual(s) within the organisation that they believe could do well with being coached or

7 Characteristics That Make for a Good Leadership Coach

Today as I was exploring the internet on all things coaching and leadership, I came across this question: “What are some characteristics a good leadership coach should have?” While the question seems so basic, it got me thinking back to