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the leader as a coach

5 Key Attributes of the Leader as a Coach

Decades ago, when the term ‘leader’ came up in a conversation, one would expect them to be pace-setters and set authoritative goals, and the team would then follow along. The leader was expected to be a know-all and be-all. However,

qualities of a good executive coach

What Makes an Executive Coach Great?

“Change is hard. Ask anyone who has tried to switch careers, develop a new skill, improve a relationship, or break a bad habit. And yet for most people change will at some point be necessary—a critical step toward fulfilling their

What Does a Career Coach Do?

What Does a Career Coach Do?

As working individuals, we all go through the many ups and down in our professional journey. The exact issues may vary for each person (lack of direction professionally, being overlooked for that deserving promotion, troubles getting the interview answers right,

business coaching tools

Best Business Coaching Tools: 2022 Guide

The widely recognized definition of a business coach indicates a trained professional who supports & motivates business owners to bring about a transformative change in their business. A business coach guides the client with prioritizing and executing strategies, helping them