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Digitize your coaching & mentoring business with our coaching management platform

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Complete digitization & standardization of programs
Complete oversight of
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So with Simply.Coach, you can:
1. Take the entire client journey online

Simply.Coach is a coaching management platform that takes the entire client journey online so you create a beautiful, cohesive experience for clients – track goals, get stakeholder feedback, manage client progress, integrate all your calendars and create a digital resource library.

2. Overlook accounts & engagements

Easily showcase the effectiveness of your coaching! Simply.Coach automatically generates reports that give you data and insights on each client’s progress, the impact of your coaching and the Return on Investment (ROI) provided to your client. 

3. Standardize your programs and scale your business

Simply.Coach digitizes your proprietary coaching experience so you’re able to offer consistently great, on-brand experiences to clients and scale your business. 

4. Grow your business

With our enterprise coaching platform, you can create a custom digital profile called a Showcase Page, which also allows clients or potential clients to book sessions with you.

If you work with multiple coaches, you can have them create a Showcase Page and then use those profiles to pitch your practice’s capabilities to prospective clients. Simply.Coach also offers a Coach Finder that helps you with client allocation.

Go one step further and integrate your practice’s LinkedIn and Email accounts so you can network and convert those potential clients. If you’d like to create a completely branded experience, Simply.Coach also offers white labeling that keeps your company’s logo front & centre on the online coaching and mentoring platform. 

Why Choose Simply.Coach?
The most secure coaching software to manage your business
Simply.Coach is SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR-compliant coach software! This means certified high-end security for you and your clients’ data.
Rated #1 for customer centricity and support
We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, and we love partnering with you to ensure you drive value and success from our platform.
Great performance, guaranteed!
We’re proud receivers of the “High Performer Overall” and “High Performer for Small Businesses” badges on G2 in the coaching software category!

In the realm of coaching and mentoring, Simply.Coach stands out as a coaching management platform that is both innovative and user-friendly. Among all the coaching platforms, Simply.Coach stands out for its meticulously-planned functionalities and award-winning support. 

With our coaching platform software, you can enhance client engagement, improve client outcomes, and manage your business with unparalleled ease. Choose Simply.Coach for a comprehensive coaching and mentoring platform that empowers you to focus on what truly matters: delivering impactful coaching and mentoring experiences.

Simply.Coach is a coaching management platform that helps you run your business – every small aspect and function of it – from one place.
5. Integrate Simply.Coach right into your usual day

We’re always looking to make things easier on our users – technology is here to simplify, not overcomplicate!  

Whether you use Google, Office 365, Zoom or Teams, our seamless integrations make it easy for you to make Simply.Coach a part of your day.  

And if you don’t see a platform that you use, feel free to reach out and we can make it happen for you on our coaching platform!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply.Coach is a digital coaching platform designed for service professionals. It helps you digitize your business operations, so you can save all the time you spend running your business, and focus on what brings you the most fulfilment – coaching.

Simply.Coach is designed for service professionals – coaches, mentors, consultants, therapists, counselors and trainers -in independent practices and multi-professional businesses.

Simply.Coach has a whole host of features to offer coaches and mentors: scheduling, note-taking, goal setting and progress tracking, digital coaching tools, coaching programs, resource sharing, invoicing & payments, and more.

Simply.Coach aids in streamlining operations, improving client engagement, and facilitating business growth. It helps you digitize and automate different aspects of your practice, so you can save time, improve business processes, and spend more time focusing on clients.

Look for features like session scheduling, goal setting and progress tracking, note taking, digital assessments, and invoicing & payments. What sets a software apart from others are nuances like offering one-on-one and group coaching, stakeholder integration, and coaching programs with coach matching.

It’s designed for both individual coaches and larger organizations, offering scalable solutions. The idea is to be a partner in your growth!

Yes, in fact, it is the only digital coaching platform that is GDPR, SOC2 and HIPAA-compliant.

The software is built with security and compliance in mind, adhering to data protection regulations. You can read more about privacy and security at Simply.Coach here.

Simply.Coach has certified, official integrations with industry-leading providers such as Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Stripe, and more, depending on the functionality. Simply.Coach is also integrated with Zapier, which means you can connect it with any of thousands of popular apps.

Consider your specific needs, the scale of your operations, desired features, security requirements, and integration needs. Then, explore the market and shortlist 2-3 platforms that meet those needs (or exceed them!). Finalize the platform based on their customer reviews, user feedback about their customer support, and pricing.

The Simply.Coach platform is currently available in English, Spanish, and French.

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