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You can now create cohesive coaching experiences that work at both the team as well as 1-1 level. Follow progress of the whole team and then deep-dive seamlessly into each member’s profile!

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Hybrid group engagements made easy

Are you running group coaching programs where the group converges for masterclasses, activities and then diverges again with each participant then continuing their journey with their personal coach? With Simply.Coach, you can run programs that start with common skill-building group sessions and then later branch off to individual 1-1 coaching sessions.

Coaching for all, coaching for one

Simply.Coach allows you to create cohesive coaching experiences that work at both the team level as well as the individual level. You can follow the progress of the team as a whole, as well as deep-dive into each member’s profile, so you don’t lose the power of the personal touch.

Tools for the team

Simply.Coach also supports the setting up, managing and reviewing responses of Digital Tools from a single dashboard for the entire cohort! A few examples of Digital Tools you can use:

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