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client management software for coaches

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client management software for coaches
goal & development planning

Manage your client's goals & progress from one place

Simply.Coach helps you collaboratively set goals with your client & capture their strengths, collates inputs from assessments, gives you regular check-ins on goal progress and captures expected results – all easily viewable on the client’s dashboard.
digital tools

Build coaching experiences distinct to you

Proprietary content & templates are what make your coaching experience truly yours!

You can now create your exercises, forms and templates online and have responses captured & maintained at a single point. For example, your initial get-to-know-you exercise or your recurring feedback exercises can be digital and automated. Our client management software for coaches enables you to also share these as links with nudges, so your clients are reminded to complete the documents on time.

Let your brand speak for you
Learn everything you need to know about branding in our ‘Branding for Coaches’ Toolkit!

Track client growth at a glance and showcase your coaching's impact

Easily showcase the effectiveness of your coaching! Simply.Coach automatically generates reports that give you data and insights on each client’s progress, the impact of your coaching and the Return on Investment (ROI) provided to your client.

stakeholder Integration

Get an outside-in perspective for better coaching outcomes

With Simply.Coach, you can loop in each client’s stakeholders – managers, reportees and peers – for an outside-in perspective on progress. The platform also automates regular stakeholder feedback at specific time intervals, capturing the change in clients and showcasing the impact of your coaching over time. 

client management software for coaches

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client management software for coaches
Action plans

Help clients stay accountable in their coaching journey

Simply.Coach’s action plans module helps you & your client record & track tasks – known as ‘action items’ – towards their goals. Action plans are a great way to stay on course to achieve goals even between sessions, by recording intent and preventing procrastination.


Drive lasting behavioural change with nudges

No more setting reminders for clients and following up on progress over mail. Ensure clients stick to their goal plan and are consistent in behavioural changes with nudges – friendly reminders designed in a way that they won’t be ignored!

Nudges | Simply.Coach
Session Management
session management

Make each session an impactful experience

What if holding a session was only about the coaching, and not so much about the scheduling, rescheduling, note-taking and hours of prep? Simply.Coach is that client management software for coaches which helps you manage every aspect of your sessions, from scheduling them to preparing for them with previous session notes, taking notes and capturing action points during the session, and more.

shared resources

Add value to journeys with shared resources

How many times have you shared online articles, videos and other such resources with clients via WhatsApp or email? Simply.Coach gives you one central repository to share notes, links and any other documents with each client. This is especially useful when your client is not on Simply.Coach; they receive the shared content via email, accessible/downloadable for 24 hours to protect your proprietary content.

client management software
client management software for coaches
Client workspaces

Enjoy better collaboration with clients

Our coaching client management software becomes a dedicated space for your clients to capture their thoughts and action items, access shared content repositories and enjoy a better workspace for a great coaching experience. Think higher accountability and seamless collaboration.

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