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client management software for coaches
1. Goal & Development Planning
Manage each client’s goals & progress in one place

A big part of every engagement is gathering client information, running assessments, and setting goals. As a client management software for coaches, Simply.Coach takes all of this digital. Service professionals can also capture each clients’ progress towards their goals (thus also demonstrating impact) via a handy Progress Check-in feature! 

All of this, easily viewable on the client dashboard. 

2. Digital tools
Build experiences unique to your practice

Proprietary content & templates are all part of the unique experience your practice offers clients. 

You can now create your exercises, forms and templates online and have responses captured & maintained at a single point. For example, the initial get-to-know-you exercise or recurring feedback exercises can be digitized and automated. You can also share these as links with nudges, so clients are reminded to complete the documents on time. 

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3. Insights
Track each client’s growth at a glance

Simply.Coach automatically generates reports that give you data and insights on each client’s progress, the impact of your practice and the Return on Investment (ROI) provided to your client. 

4. Stakeholder Integration
Get an outside-in perspective for better outcomes

With Simply.Coach, you can loop in each client’s stakeholders – in a corporate setting, for example, that would be managers, reportees and peers – for an outside-in perspective on progress. The platform also automates regular stakeholder feedback at specific time intervals, capturing the gradual behavioural change. 

client management software for coaches
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client management software for coaches
5. Action plans
Keep clients accountable towards their goals

Simply.Coach’s Action Plans feature helps service professionals & clients record & track tasks – known as Actions – towards goals. Actions are a great way to stay on course to achieve goals even between sessions, by recording intent and preventing procrastination. 

Clients’ upcoming and overdue Actions are also all viewable on the Actions Dashboard; so you can keep an eye on them and send reminders at the click of a button. 

6. Nudges
Drive lasting behavioral change with Nudges

No more setting reminders for clients and following up on progress over mail. Service professionals can ensure clients stick to their goal plan and are consistent in behavioural changes with nudges – friendly reminders designed in a way that they won’t be ignored! 

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Session Management
7. Scheduling
Run your entire coaching scheduling from a single place

What sets Simply.Coach apart from other coaching client management software is its intuitive functionalities. Scheduling, for example. No more juggling calendars, no more back-and-forth emails to schedule sessions… Simply.Coach has certified, official integrations with industry-leading providers that you probably already use, such as Google and Microsoft. In fact, you can also integrate your video conferencing accounts, allow clients to self-schedule sessions, and attach exercise sheets with session invites. It’s everything you could want from a scheduling tool, all in one place. 

8. Notes
A single tool for all your notes

No client management software for coaches can be complete without a note-taking tool. Note-taking is serious business, which makes it all the more important to streamline and digitize. Simply.Coach offers you a single place to take notes for each clients (and all the notes for one client then get stored in one place), and an easy way to turn notes into action points. It’s everything you could want in a note-taking tool, plus much, much more. 

client management software for coaches
9. Client Workspaces
Offer a more collaborative experience to clients

Simply.Coach becomes a dedicated space not only for service professionals but also for clients, making it the ideal client engagement platform. Each client can capture their thoughts and action items, access shared content repositories and enjoy a more cohesive workspace with your associate. 

10. Shared Resources
Add value for clients in an easy, seamless way

Service professionals share online articles, videos and other such resources with clients all the time – usually via WhatsApp or email. As a business, you may even have standardised resources that your associates share with clients.  

Simply.Coach gives you one central repository to share notes, links and any other documents with each client, so you can leverage it as a client engagement platform. And when your client is not on Simply.Coach; they receive the shared content via email, accessible/downloadable for 7 days to protect your proprietary content. 

client management software
11. Team Engagements
Transform one life, transform many lives – together and all at once

Running a team-level engagement is an endless amount of logistics, communication, and collaboration. Service providers need to be able to impact the team as a whole but also each member at a personal level. Simply.Coach helps you do just that, by automating logistical tasks, digitizing communication, and creating one central space from which to run the entire engagement. 

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