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Starting with a blank slate then going with the flow means every coaching engagement requires a massive amount of creativity and management at your end. Simply.Coach’s Journeys allows you to put your coaching approach into a framework that can be replicated for clients – a yellow brick road that you can further tweak and customize for each client.  
Save time, handle more so you can scale your business. 

Make your Journey work for each client

Creating a Journey doesn’t force you to replicate each step across all clients. Because each client is different, you can use a Journey as a framework upon which to customize each engagement. You can: 

The show, don’t tell approach: Amplifying sales with Journeys

Every coach has a distinct approach and methodology that forms their brand. It is what helps you get more clients, and what helps clients know you are the coach for them.  
Setting up Journeys on Simply.Coach means creating a visible framework of your approach that you can then showcase to your prospective clients and close them into paying clients! For example, you could:

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