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All your calendars and conferencing accounts, in one place

Simply.Coach has certified, official integrations with industry-leading providers that you’re already likely using in your business. From scheduling to conducting the sessions, accepting payment and more – everything is linked together cohesively to streamline your day. 

Have your clients self-schedule sessions

Simply.Coach offers a customized Showcase Page with calendar integration – a public booking page, in essence, so clients can directly book sessions based on your shown availability with automatic time zone conversion. In fact, prospective clients can book discovery sessions too – a great way to save time on sales! 

Customize your availability to clients

We know that having your calendar slots openly visible for scheduling may feel a little too vulnerable. Simply.Coach lets you set up availability for different kinds of sessions at different times. 

Collect payments before sessions

When you’re running a program or having clients schedule a one-off session, collecting payment beforehand is always a good idea. With Simply.Coach’s built-in invoicing and payments feature, you can easily collect payments before sessions. 

Reduce no-shows with reminders & notifications

Let’s face it; clients need reminders for session appointments, and you need a way to ensure clients show up or reschedule in advance. Simply.Coach’s scheduling functionality takes care of it all.  

Add clarity to your coaching with pre-session and intent forms

Create custom intent and pre-session forms using the Simply.Coach Digital Tools feature, so you can: 

Get detailed insights into your sessions log

Simply.Coach offers session logs that help bring greater transparency to clients. This helps you invoice clients, and in the case of coaching businesses, also helps you pay coaches for their hours coached. 

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