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As a business coach, you wear many hats. You onboard clients, schedule sessions, send files, generate invoices, … it’s a lot. And it’s a lot of time spent away from your core strength: business coaching. Simply.Coach is a business coaching software that handles all your administrative tasks and gives you a dedicated space on the web to design coaching programs, share resources and keep track of your client’s goals and progress.
Client Management, Digitised

With our business coaching software, you can:

Business Management, Made Easy

Streamline the process

Prospect Management, Simplified

Our business coaching platform helps you grow your business with ease

Marketing, Powered by Tech

Expand your brand with in-platform tools

Coaching, Your Way

No two clients are the same, no two coaches are the same. Our business coaching software is here to simplify — not create hurdles.

Seamless integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or Google Use another tool? We’ll do our best to make it work on the platform. Integrate Simply.Coach into your day and make it work, your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Simply.Coach business coaching software can help you with several different coaching-related tasks. For starters, the platform can take care of all-things-administrative: you manage your clients, set up sessions, create intake sheets and documents (and store them safely on the platform), track your clients’ progress, and generate invoices. We also have some smart tools that can help you manage your business (like contact and prospect management), and marketing (like email and LinkedIn integration to expand your reach).

If you’d like details about our online business coaching platform pricing and features, get in touch at
Yes. Simply.Coach offers you the flexibility to build a coaching experience that is unique to you and the businesses you work with. You can create your own intake forms, worksheets, exercises, and reviews and capture client responses in one place. You also have the option to digitise and automate specific forms that are common to all clients.
Yes, as many as you need to! We understand the nature of business coaching. It is a consultative and collaborative process that requires both coach and client to share files, from business documentation to plans, spreadsheets and reviews. Everyone involved can easily upload and share files on Simply.Coach.
We are not a video/conferencing platform, but we use our technology to help you work more efficiently. You can quickly and easily integrate Google, Office 365, Zoom or Microsoft Teams onto Simply.Coach and start coaching. And if you use a different platform, we’re happy to figure out a way to make it work! You can always try out the platform and share Simply.Coach business coaching software reviews. We’re here to listen, learn and improve!
Yes. Once a client is onboarded, they are free to contact you and schedule sessions, making your business coaching services on-demand. Beneficial for you (since you get to host more sessions) and beneficial for the client (since you help them grow their business!)
No. We’ve designed our online business coaching software to help you grow. Host as many sessions and clients as you need. Business coaches have the option to host group classes for clients within a single organization or multiple organizations.
Yes, absolutely! With the Simply.Coach business coach software, all your invoicing and payment collection needs can be automated, saving you tons of time & effort! You can learn more about it here.

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