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Simply.Coach integrates & simplifies each stage of coaching, so you can show up fully for your clients and focus on scaling your business

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“I schedule sessions using Google Calendar, hold sessions over Zoom, access my coaching tools from various folders & drives and use e-mail & chat to share them – everything feels all over the place!”

Simply.Coach allows you to streamline your entire client journey online, so you can track goals & manage client progress, capture actions & reflections, create a digital resource library of coaching tools & content, and communicate with your clients – all from a single tab on your browser!


“I wish I could spend more time coaching instead of having to focus on keeping the many wheels of my business running”

Business management can be hard – especially for life coaches who wish to spend their time designing transformative journeys for their clients. With Simply.Coach, you can keep the wheels running smoothly with digitised contracting & invoicing, automated progress-tracking, and by maintaining a client coaching log for your credentials.


“I want my brand to speak for me and bring me more visibility”

Simply.Coach lets you create your very own branded landing page where you can showcase your Life Coaching certifications & credentials and let clients assess if you’re the right coach for them. Not just that – with our life coaching software, you can build your own email list and nurture prospective clients, thus expanding your visibility and increasing client conversions.

Let your brand bring you more business
Our ‘Branding for Coaches’ Toolkit dives deep into the perks of building your brand for your coaching business

“I wish there was a way I could grow and scale my coaching business”

Simply.Coach is truly the business partner you need to bring in new clients and scale your business! You can create your own repository of professional contacts, access a log of prospective clients to help plan your next steps, and put-up online packages of your services for direct purchase!


Integrate Simply.Coach right into your usual day

We’re always looking to make things easier on our coaches – technology is here to simplify, not overcomplicate!

Whether you use Google, Office 365, Zoom or Teams, our seamless integrations make it easy for you to make Simply.Coach a part of your day.

And if you don’t see a platform that you use, feel free to reach out and we can make it happen for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

In so many ways! Primarily, Simply.Coach is a life coaching software that frees up time for a coach to focus on being truly present for their clients in order to guide them towards their desired goals. We have seen numerous coaches struggling to keep the many facets of their business up & running – which is especially difficult when everything that a coach requires to run their business is scattered and unorganised – all of which ends up keeping them way too occupied in running the business instead of improving their coaching efforts.

Simply.Coach is the best life coaching software you can invest in – it helps brings everything together so you can spend less time running your business and more time coaching!
In simple terms, Simply.Coach is a life coaching platform that is built by coaches, for coaches. Our team comprises a diverse group of individuals: from newly-certified life coaches to senior executive & leadership coaches with over a decade of coaching experience under their belt. 

Simply.Coach was born from the need of simplifying the complexities of running a coaching business and that’s what our team has strived to achieve (and improve upon) from the very first day. The current rendition of Simply.Coach that you see is a result of paying very close attention to what the coaches using our platform have to say – and this is something we will continue doing with the hope to deliver an exceptional coaching experience to every single coach out there!

Simply.Coach is one of the best life coaching software online that incorporates several features that address the sales and marketing needs of a life coach – such as the ability to create your own branded landing page with lead generating touch points, to schedule & send out updates, newsletters and promotional emails to all your contacts in one go, and the technology to track the likelihood of prospective clients turning into paying customers. 

Simply.Coach will provide you the means to an end, i.e., this life coaching software will provide the tools, technology and the setup you need to help your business grow and you can pair that with your own business strategies to see your desired results!

Well, this is purely subjective and depends on the needs of each individual coach. If you’re a life coach who is frustrated with the time and effort that goes into keeping your practice running, a life coaching client management software like Simply.Coach can definitely make your life easier. It will enable you to spend more time doing what you truly wish to do, i.e., working with your clients to help them get closer to their desired life goals.

You can get started for absolutely free! You can take Simply.Coach for a spin and access every single feature available for absolutely no charge for the first 14 days, no credit required. 

You can then choose from our plans that begin at $10 (INR 700) a month. Have a look at Simply.Coach’s life coaching software pricing plans here

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