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“I schedule sessions using Google Calendar, hold sessions over Zoom, access my coaching tools from various folders & drives and use e-mail & chat to share them – everything feels all over the place!”

Simply.Coach is a life coaching software that allows you to streamline your entire client journey online, so you can track goals & manage client progress, capture actions & reflections, create a digital resource library of coaching tools & content, and communicate with your clients – it’s the best CRM for life coaches, and the only platform you need!

“I wish I could spend more time coaching instead of having to focus on keeping the many wheels of my business running”

Business management can be hard – especially for life coaches who wish to spend their time designing transformative journeys for their clients. With Simply.Coach as your coaching management platform, you can keep the wheels running smoothly with digitised contracting & invoicing, automated progress-tracking, and by maintaining a client coaching log for your credentials.

“I want my brand to speak for me and bring me more visibility”

Simply.Coach lets you create your very own branded landing page where you can showcase your certifications & credentials and let life coaching clients assess if you’re the right coach for them. Not just that – with our life coaching software, you can build your own email list and nurture prospective clients, thus expanding your visibility and increasing client conversions.

Let your brand bring you more business
Our ‘Branding for Coaches’ Toolkit dives deep into the perks of building your brand for your coaching business
“I wish there was a way I could grow and scale my coaching business”

The best software for online coaching must also help you scale. Simply.Coach is truly the business partner you need to bring in new clients and scale your business! You can use the life coaching software to create your own repository of professional contacts, access a log of prospective clients to help plan your next steps, and put-up online packages of your services for direct purchase!


Integrate Simply.Coach right into your usual day

We’re always looking to make things easier on our coaches – technology is here to simplify, not overcomplicate!

Whether you use Google, Office 365, Zoom or Teams, our seamless integrations make it easy for you to make Simply.Coach a part of your day.

And if you don’t see a platform that you use, feel free to reach out and we can make it happen for you!

Simply.Coach offers the best life coaching software, designed specifically for those seeking to transform their coaching business and delivery. Our platform is an all-in-one coaching management software that streamlines the management of your coaching practice.

Simply.Coach’s leading life coaching client management software is designed to enhance your engagements and improve client outcomes. As the best life coaching platforms evolve, Simply.Coach remains at the forefront by providing robust features and award-winning customer service that make for the best coaching software. 

It is also recognized as a leader in the coaching software platform category on, GetApp, Capterra, and more such software marketplaces. 

As a combination of client management software for coaches, practice management software, and personal coaching software, Simply.Coach is the ideal life coach platform for solopreneurs as well as multi-coach companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Simply.Coach provides a number of templates for digital coaching tools useful for life coaches, including ‘reflective goal setting’, ‘ideation on daily habits’, ‘self-reflections’, and more.

Simply.Coach allows you to collaboratively set goals with clients (with a client portal), turn goals into action items, and track progress against them with the ‘Progress Check-ins’ tool.

Yes, you can use the Digital Tools feature to create custom exercises, worksheets or surveys – or you can choose existing ones from the repository. These can be used at every stage of the client’s journey to get them closer to achieving their goals.

As the life coach, you can easily use Simply.Coach’s Digital Tools to create a feedback form that helps clients provide feedback and evaluations on their coaching experience. Remember to keep the form as neutral and thorough as possible, so you can gather accurate and sufficient feedback to help you fine-tune your approach.

With Simply.Coach, you can schedule automated reminders for sessions (both for yourself and for your client), reminders or ‘Nudges’ to complete action items, automated follow-ups on due payments, and much more. The platform is designed to help your life coaching clients stay accountable to their coaching journey!

Simply.Coach offers reports on your clients’ progress, the impact of your coaching, and the coaching ROI – all easily shareable with your clients’ sponsors, if needed.

If you’re a solopreneur, the number of clients you can coach on the software depends on the pricing plan. Find out more:
If you’re a coaching company, the number of coaches you can onboard depends on the pricing plan. Find out more:

The Simply.Coach platform is currently available in English, Spanish, and French.

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