Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Platform

A digital coaching platform for stakeholder centered coaching®

With Simply.Coach, involve stakeholders, collect feedback, gain insights, measure outcomes and deliver value across the board

“There is no evidence the world is a better place because of what we know. The world is a better place because of what we do.”
Marshall Goldsmith
Simplifying the Coaching Process for Leaders and Stakeholders

Changing your coachee’s behavior is a one-on-one journey. But changing their behavior perceptions requires the commitment of stakeholders. Real change happens when leaders put into practice what they’ve learned from coaching – and when stakeholders benefit from it.

Simply.Coach gives you intuitive tools to work in sync with leaders to set goals and build actions plans to achieve positive long-term change in leadership behavior. 

Simply.Coach is the stakeholder centered coaching® tool that helps you take care of all aspects of the MGSCC® methodology online.

A digital coaching platform for stakeholder centered coaching®
stakeholder feedback questions
Designed for Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaches
Identify Focus Areas with 360 Feedback

Set growth & development goals and run assessments

stakeholder feedback questions
Involve + Onboard Stakeholders

Integrate stakeholders, automate and manage the feedback loop

Nudges for Accountability

Help build awareness around behaviors

Review Leadership Growth

Check in with stakeholders and clients to measure progress

An In-Built Tool for Every Stage of MGSCC®

Simplify the coaching process with technology

client management software for coaches
Team MGSCC® Features

Tap into the team’s capabilities

Coaching, the MGSCC® Way

Simplify the coaching process with technology

No two clients are the same, no two coaches are the same except when it comes to MGSCC®! Our stakeholder centered coach software is here to make things easier — not create roadblocks. 

We integrate seamlessly with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or Google. Integrate Simply.Coach into your day and make it work, your way. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Once a client is onboarded, our platform can help you create coaching intent forms, run 360 surveys to gather feedback from stakeholders, work in individual or group settings, create a unique coaching journey, assign tasks and action items to your client, and even send out automated nudges and reminders to make sure your client is staying on track. 

We also have some smart tools that can help you manage your business (like contact and prospect management). If you’d like details about our coaching software pricing and features, get in touch at

Yes. Simply.Coach offers you the flexibility to build a stakeholder centered coaching experience that is unique to you and your clients. Map the coaching journey, run 360 feedback assessments, create forms, worksheets, exercises, and reviews and capture client responses in one place. You also have the option to digitise and automate specific forms.

Yes, as many as required for your coaching engagement. 

Yes. Our stakeholder centered coaching process supports customisation and collaboration.

Yes. Our platform is well-designed for Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, allowing you to create customised feedback forms and surveys and share them from within the platform. All stakeholders can easily upload and share files on Simply.Coach, following which you can gather data and identify areas of development for your client. 

We are not a video/conferencing platform, but a coaching software. However, we use our technology to help you work more efficiently. You can quickly and easily integrate Google, Office 365, Zoom or Microsoft Teams onto Simply.Coach and start coaching. And if you use a different platform, we’re happy to figure out a way to make it work! 

Yes. Coaches have the option to host group or team sessions for clients within a single organisation or multiple organisations. 

Yes, our platform supports a multi-coach approach. We allow 6-8 coaches to come together and work with 60-70 participants for an organisation wide stakeholder centered coaching engagement.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching involves multiple stakeholders and multiple goals.

Simply.Coach makes it easy to schedule sessions and communicate with your client from one place. Keeping your clients accountable and on-track is a big part of the process, and Simply.Coach simplifies it with automated nudges and reminders to clients and stakeholders. Clients and stakeholders also receive email notifications each time you create a new action item or share new forms. 


We have other forms, specific to MGSCC, that can be automated and sent as and when required. Plus, you don’t have to create separate Excel sheets and forms to capture and collate feedback — everything happens from within the Simply.Coach platform. 

Our Journey Builder comes suited for stakeholder centered coaching, so you can log in and start your engagement quickly and easily. Conduct mid-engagement reviews and check-ins as and when you need to. Your client can also schedule sessions with you when they need help.

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