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Simply.Coach doesn’t just automate the coach-client coaching process – it also automates all the nitty gritty behind-the-scene details of running a business.

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Coach at scale with reusable program templates

As a coach, the less time you spend running your engagements and the more you spend coaching, the better for your clients. Simply.Coach’s Journey Builder enables you to map any coaching methodology onto a reusable program template.

That means you can plan and multiply a framework of your typical coaching journeys, to coach at scale. It also means you can ensure consistency, professionalism, and quality for each client.

embedded video conferencing

Bring your coaching sessions to one window

Simply.Coach’s Embedded Video Conferencing module integrates the likes of Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to give you a one-platform experience to the entire coaching process.

You’ll enjoy a secure and seamless way to hold online sessions while capturing notes and referencing, without having to juggle between multiple windows!

Continuous professional Development Log

Make your hard work count towards credentialing!

Credentials up for renewal? You can use Simply.Coach to create a log of training and learning initiatives undertaken for credits.

In the meanwhile, Simply.Coach’s integrated calendar and embedded video conferencing also helps create a digital ledger of coaching hours you can use towards your certification. In fact, you can also use the recordings and automated transcripts to submit to coaching authorities.

Have you priced your coaching services accurately?
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contracts & invoicing*

Streamline your accounts, automate your invoicing

An intrinsic part of working with the clients is the legal and financial aspect. Why not make that a great experience too? With Simply.Coach, you can send out contracts & store each client’s contract with their profile, automatically generate & store invoices, send reminders for payments and more.

*Coming soon!

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