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Simplifying Each Stage of the Leadership Coaching Journey

As a leadership coach, you work with your clients to improve their leadership skills. This requires liaising with stakeholders, identifying problem areas, outlining action plans and holding regular check-ins. 

Simply.Coach is a leadership coaching software that simplifies the process. Our executive coaching platform keeps your coaching objectives within reach and on top of your mind. It also serves as a dedicated space on the web to create custom materials, share surveys, gather data and evaluate your client’s growth.
Client Management, Digitised.

Manage sessions, add stakeholders, reports, insights and more

Digital Coaching Tools

Customisable templates and worksheets to help your clients reflect, learn, and grow

Business Management, Simplified.

An easier way to take care of backend tasks

Streamline Sessions

Manage your business with technology

Marketing, Powered by Tech.

Market your business and build your brand

Coaching, Your Way

No two clients are the same, no two coaches are the same. Our leadership coaching software is here to simplify — not create hurdles. 

Seamless integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or Google 

Use another tool? We’ll do our best to make it work on our executive coaching platform.

Integrate Simply.Coach into your day and make it work, your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Simply.Coach leadership coaching software can help you with several different coaching-related tasks. For starters, you can schedule a discovery session to get to know your client and set expectations. Once a client is onboarded, our platform can help you create coaching intent forms, run 360 degree surveys to gather feedback from stakeholders, work in individual or group settings, create a unique coaching journey, assign tasks and action items to your client, and even send out automated nudges and reminders to make sure your client is staying on track. 


We also have some smart tools that can help you manage your business (like contact and prospect management), and marketing (like email and LinkedIn integration to expand your reach). If you’d like details about our leadership coaching software pricing and features, get in touch at reachus@simply.coach

Yes. Our executive coaching software offers you the flexibility to build a coaching experience that is unique to you and the clients you work with. We understand what leadership coaching entails – it is a development process tailored to your client to help them achieve their goals and each client is different. You can create your own intake forms, worksheets, exercises, and reviews and capture client responses in one place. You also have the option to digitise and automate specific forms that are common to all clients. 

Yes. Our leadership coaching software supports customisation and collaboration. Create 360-degree surveys for your clients. 

Yes. When there are several qualified people reporting to your client, their inputs become a valuable part of the assessment. Our leadership and executive coaching software gives you the ability to create customised feedback forms and surveys and share them with as many stakeholders/team members as necessary. Everyone involved can easily upload and share files on Simply.Coach. Gather data from team members, collate it and identify areas of development for your client.

We are not a video/conferencing platform, but a leadership coach software. However, we use our technology to help you work more efficiently. You can quickly and easily integrate Google, Office 365, Zoom or Microsoft Teams onto Simply.Coach and start coaching. And if you use a different platform, we’re happy to figure out a way to make it work! 

Yes. Leadership coaches have the option to host group classes for clients within a single organisation or multiple organisations.

Not at all. We’ve designed our leadership coaching software and executive coaching software to help you grow. Host as many sessions and clients as you need. 

Yes, our platform supports a multi-coach approach. Multiple coaches  with different specialisations can be assigned to a client or an engagement.

Leadership coaching involves several moving parts of the business, multiple stakeholders and multiple goals. And most clients are individuals who are busy and pressed for time. So while they have the intent, priority-wise, a leadership coaching session may not be on top of their to-do list.

Simply.Coach makes it easy to schedule sessions and communicate with your client from one place. Keeping your clients accountable and on-track is a big part of the leadership coaching process, and Simply.Coach simplifies it with nudges and reminders, which also helps your client build better habits. Your client also receives email notifications each time you create a new task, action item or share new material.

You can also interact and take feedback from stakeholders, and check-in with your client as and when you need to. Plus, your client can schedule sessions with you when they need help.

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