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A coaching tool is a technique, worksheet or exercise aimed to enable a client to reflect deeper, learn something new about themselves & their situation, and find ways to move forward & take action towards their desired objective.  

To facilitate the coaching process, a coach uses many tools. Most experienced coaches have their own coaching framework which includes its own unique set of coaching tools to work in conjunction with. 

Each coaching niche has its own set of coaching tools specific to its area – from Daily Questions to help clients adopt daily routines that add to their growth & productivity to the Circle of Excellence tool used by NLP coaches to help their clients manage emotions in stressful situations – there are many online coaching tools available for a coach! 

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To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of the most commonly used tools coaches reach out for to help their clients get closer to their goals. From kick-off to closure, these tools can be used for all aspects of a coaching engagement. 

Click on any coaching tool from the repository below to understand what it does and feel free to take it for a spin! 

Progress overview-amico

The Qualitative 360 Feedback is the perfect coaching template to get anecdotal observations about your clients’ strengths and triggers to evaluate them on certain set competencies

360 feedback

360 Feedback is one of the best coaching techniques to give your coachees a tangible picture of how their actions & behaviors are affecting those closest to them and also help reveal blind spots

If your coachee needs a way to summarise all the inputs received from their stakeholders, the 360 Feedback Summary is the perfect coaching form for that


free online coaching platform

Here’s a results-based coaching tool to help you understand your clients’ dreams & aspirations and ensure optimal results

This coaching form template is designed to help your coachee reflect on & summarize their learnings in their own words and plan the next steps to ensure sustained progress

This leadership coach tool kit provides a concrete blueprint against which to measure progress through engagement. It also serves as a great way of motivating & maintaining accountability in your client.

Here’s an effective coaching technique devised by Marshall Goldsmith to help coachees make positive changes in the future by prompting stakeholders for expansive & dynamic inputs

Help your clients ideate on the small habits using this coaching technique so that they can progress effortlessly towards their goals & objectives

This coaching assessment tool is popular for its simple & clear structure that provides a well-rounded view of the coaching impact on the individual, organization, & society

Help your coachee get the right inputs from their stakeholders on time with this coaching form sample that comprises a simple (and customisable) questionnaire!

The Reflective Goal Setting is a must-have in your coaching tool kit to help clients discover & formulate meaningful goals and thus, truly improve the quality of their lives

Make use of this life coaching tool to help clients reflect on what they learned, how they were successful, what challenges they faced, and what goals they would like to set going forward

This leadership coaching tool is a mainstay in typical leadership coaching interventions and provides an outside-in, quarterly review of a leader’s progress

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