Completion Report

Completion Report

This coaching form template is designed to help your coachee reflect on & summarize their learnings in their own words and plan the next steps to ensure sustained progress

There are two primary themes to end-of-engagement conversations: acknowledging progress & assimilating learnings and planning the next steps for sustaining progress. The Completion report tool helps clients reflect on both themes.

Send this survey to your client before the final coaching session, as it would give you the opportunity to discuss it during the session. The Completion Report helps them to reflect on the journey, assimilate learnings & plan their way forward. Importantly, you can also use the opportunity to take some feedback about the coaching & what can be improved.

This tool can be used for all your engagements! With a distinct focus on efforts and outcomes, the Completion Report can help any coachee reflect on and summarize their learnings in their own words.

Like with many other of Simply.Coach’s Digital Coaching Tools, the Completion Report is versatile and can be used by all types of coaches.

What will it enable for me?

The first section of the tool focus on acknowledging the efforts made and the outcomes acheived. While coaches could provide their inputs and a second-person’s perspective on how the coachee has progressed over the course of the engagement, the coachee’s view is the most authentic – the Completion tool supports them by providing intelligent prompts that help coachees form a complete picture.

The last section of the tool focuses on formulating steps to sustain progress, after the coach and coachee stopped their regular sessions. This is crucial to the success of the coaching engagement and equal in importance to the first section.

The tool is best administered in preparation for the last session. This allows for a lively discussion between coach and coachee to neatly wrap up the engagement, and most importantly plan on concrete steps that the coachee can take to sustain their progress and learnings.


The three main things I learnt about myself during coaching were:

Three things I want to acknowledge myself for (Efforts):

Three things I want to celebrate (Outcomes):

Three things I want to acknowledge my coach for:

Three pieces of specific feedback for my coach:

Relationship to the goals

How do you feel about your goals? Please elaborate

Sustainablity Actions

How do you plan to sustain your learnings from the coaching journey? Please eleborate

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