360 Feedback Summary

360 Feedback Summary

If your coachee needs a way to summarise all the inputs received from their stakeholders, the 360 Feedback Summary is the perfect coaching form for that

All the inputs a coachee receives from their stakeholders in a 360 Degree Feedback need to be woven into a single coherent picture.

This 360 Feedback Summary Tool helps the client summarise their 360 feedback, by prompting them to understand what their stakeholders think are their key strengths, and what stakeholders think should be their development areas.

Further, by articulating the benefits for self & stakeholders, your client can understand what the return on investment should be for the particular growth area they have chosen.

Any coachee who has completed a 360 Feedback needs some structure to summarise the inputs received. This tool provides them precisely that.

Making sense of all the inputs from so many stakeholders can be unnecessarily hard, especially if there is no prompt on what sort of comments and suggestions to look for.

More importantly, supporting a client in unpacking the responses to a 360 is crucial, because it generates greater buy-in from them and focuses on their growth areas, and how it will impact those closest to them.

Immediately after all the responses to the 360 have been received.

Summary - Strengths

Strength 1

Strength 2

Strength 3

Strength 4

Development Areas

Development Area 1

Development Area 2

Development Area 3

Development Area 4

Leadership Growth Areas

Leadership Growth Area 1

Leadership Growth Area 2


How will you benefit if you improve in these chosen Leadership Growth Areas?

How will your TEAM benefit if you improve in these chosen Leadership Growth Areas?

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