Coaching Intent

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Coaching Intent

Here’s a results-based coaching tool to help you understand your clients’ dreams & aspirations and ensure optimal results

The sheer number of possibilities on how to spark off the coaching engagement can be difficult to navigate. How exactly should I begin working with my client? Where are we really headed? What exactly am I supposed to do? The short answer: let the coachee tell you.

The Coaching Intent tool asks quick but thought-provoking questions that help you capture a participant’s situation and expectations from coaching, providing you as the coach the right amount of clues on how to take the first step of an enriching journey.

The Coaching Intent tool is for everyone. From better understanding your coachee’s dreams and aspirations, to where they find themselves in their lives, and what their expectations of the coaching engagement are, this digital tool can do it all in a crisp and clear fashion.

The rare occasions where you might believe the tool is not required is if you intimately know the coachee, where they are now, and why exactly they want to be coached. But even in this case, it would be very useful for both you and your client to have these ideas expressed clearly in their own words.

All of the above only goes to say that the Coaching Intent tool is a must-have.

Helping you get some light on why this individual that is embarking on a personal coaching engagement with you, to what state of being their life has led them to, and what they want to do if they knew they couldn’t fail, the Coaching Intent tool provides you with sufficient context to begin your assignment on a sure footing.

Additionally, it also clearly outlines the client’s expectations and dreams. When you then look back at their responses at the end of the coaching engagement, the tool also serves as a lovely snapshot of how far they’ve come and how successful the journey has been.

Preferably before your first session, as the information this Coaching Intent tool allows you to gather can inform the questions you ask your client in your very first coaching call.

Goal Areas

What are the 3 biggest changes you want to make in your life over the next 5 years?

What 3 goals do you want to achieve within the next 3 month?

If anything was possible what would you wish for?

Successes & Challenges

What have been your 3 greatest successes to date?

What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?

Where are you now?

How happy are you with your life right now?

What are the things that make you happy?

How motivated are you in your work / personal life?

What motivates you?

Expectations from Coaching

What would you like from your coach during your sessions?

Anything else that you want to share with your Coach?

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Other Templates

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This leadership coach tool kit provides a concrete blueprint against which to measure progress through engagement. It also serves as a great way of motivating & maintaining accountability in your client.

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