Self Reflections

Self Reflections

Make use of this life coaching tool to help clients reflect on what they learned, how they were successful, what challenges they faced, and what goals they would like to set going forward

Self Reflections are a great way for clients to take a look back at their week and reflect on what they learned, how they were successful, what challenges they faced, and what goals they would like to set, moving forward. It has a typical GDD (Good, Difficult, Different) structure developed and popularized by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, with open-ended questions. It is not only a great tool for helping clients build a reflecting habit, but it also helps them troubleshoot their own problems and encourages them to plan how to improve.

Given that reflecting is one of the simplest yet most effective tools available to a coach, Self Reflections is built with essential reflective prompts that serve the methodologies of all types of coaches.

For example, life coaches can employ this tool at the end of every week for clients who want to get better at being accountable to themselves in their personal growth areas, and executive coaches can administer this at the start of every month for coachees who want to track how they are managing their responsibilities and need to come up with actionable steps on tackling their difficulties from the previous work week.

In addition to helping clients develop a reflecting habit, Self Reflections over the course of a few months of the engagement help demonstrate clear shifts – and improvements – in your client’s life, in their own words! And with good reason: helping clients reflect regularly makes them more conscious of their objectives and progress, leading to greater application and outcomes.

The Self Reflections tool can be used right through the course of the entire coaching engagement, either weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, for most clients. It is recommended that it be done at the start or end of every week.

This tool is extremely useful for coachees who need to build a reflecting habit, and need a single space to capture and track their difficulties and progress.


What did I set out to do?


What went well?

Why? What supported you?


What did not go well?

Why? What held you back?


What will you do differently next time? Which processes and bottlenecks to fix?

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