Reflective Goal Setting

Reflective Goal Setting

The Reflective Goal Setting is a must-have in your coaching tool kit to help clients discover & formulate meaningful goals and thus, truly improve the quality of their lives

It is said that the quality of your aim determines the quality of your life. And given that coaching is fundamentally a process to improve the quality of one’s life by focusing on its many aspects – work, relationships, mindsets, and more – setting truly authentic goals is a prerequisite for a successful coaching engagement.

Enter the Reflective Goal Setting tool.

This comprehensive digital tool helps your client connect deeply with who they are & what their goals mean to them intrinsically. It would serve as the perfect launching pad for your coachee’s journey with you.

This tool is for any coachee who needs to formulate their goals with conviction. While perfect for life coaching, it can also be a game-changer for anyone who’s looking to get inner clarity on what they should be working on. Further, even if a client has an idea of what their goal should be, this Reflective tool can engender greater clarity and buy-in for the goals they’ve chosen.

Helping clients discover and formulate truly meaningful goals is one of the key skills that make a great coach. Being one of the most complex steps of a coaching journey, it’s always great to have a powerful yet flexible structure to guide your coachee. This tool serves exactly that purpose: providing you with a great template to base yourself on and build on.

Not only can this tool lay the foundation for the rest of the coaching process, but it can also provide you with insights into what needs to be worked on in the coming months.

The tool is best administered after the chemistry session or the initial phase of discovery. This is done so that you get the time to help the coachee prepare for the survey, as it demands a certain reflective state to answer effectively. This even allows you to decide whether this extensive goal-setting form would be too detailed, especially if your coachee already has a good degree of clarity on what they want to work towards.

Be clear on Outcomes

What do you really want? What is the outcome you are looking for?

What makes it important now?

What is the impact of not achieving this outcome?

Get some perspective

Is this goal in line with your long term life plan?(Write down details)

How will achieving this goal affect other aspects of your life?

Be > Do > Have

Who will you have to BE to achieve this goal?

Who is the type of person that could get the outcome I want? (For example: Someone who is comitted, flexible etc.)

What would such type of person do? What actions would such person take?

Start | Stop | Continue

What do I need to start doing?

What do I need to stop doing?

What do I need to continue doing?


What do you already have to help you achieve your goal? (People, Resources, Knowledge, Skills etc.)

What do you need to help you to achieve your goal? (Make a list)

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