Leadership Growth Review

Leadership Growth Review

This leadership coaching tool is a mainstay in typical leadership coaching interventions and provides an outside-in, quarterly review of a leader’s progress

The Leadership Growth Review is a comprehensive, outside-in, quarterly review of a leader’s progress.

The tool asks not just direct questions on how much a leader has progressed, but also how much they communicated, collaborated, and involved their stakeholders in their action plans to achieve their goals.

The Leadership Growth Review even includes a Feedback & Feedforward section, that provides clear steps to your client on how to improve.

This tool is the mainstay of typical leadership coaching interventions. It can tremendously benefit a coachee who is working on their leadership goals to receive these comprehensive inputs from all their stakeholders.

Of course, given that this tool relies on the coachee’s universe of support, the Leadership Growth Review is also meant for their stakeholders, right from direct reports to peers, team members to managers, and even family and friends when required.

Getting a comprehensive assessment from stakeholders in your coachee’s growth is an extremely powerful way of giving the coachee a tangible picture of how their actions and behaviors are affecting those closest to them. It often puts in no uncertain words the appreciation that stakeholders have for the positives they are seeing in your client, giving them a lift and fresh impetus to keep putting in great efforts. On the other hand, this tool can also reveal blind spots for the coachee providing them a hard reckoning of where they need to get better.

This tool is built to be administered every quarter, as that gives coachees a long enough time to work on implementing their action plans, and short enough for stakeholders to provide feedback on what’s working and feedforward on how they can improve.

Over the last 3-4 months do you believe Murali Vyas has become more (or less) effective in demonstrating the following leadership behaviors (do not consider environmental factors beyond their control)?

Take the lead in difficult conversations

Accept Responsibilities

Did Murali Vyas communicate to you these leadership growth areas over the last 3-4 months?

Take the lead in difficult conversations

Accept Responsibilities

Follow Up

Did Murali Vyas follow up with you and ask you for feedback and/or feedforward suggestions in these leadership growth areas over the last 3-4 months?


Did they share their action plan with you over the last 3-4 months?


Did they implement their action plan and make change visible to you over the last 3-4 months?

Feedback & FeedForward

What has Murali Vyas gone in their leadership growth areas over the past 3-4 months to become more effective leader and what did you find particularly effective? You can add comments in your preferred language.

What can they do in their leadership growth areas to become more effective as as a leader in the next 3-4 months? You can add comments in your preferred language? 

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