Mid-Engagement Review

Mid-Engagement Review

Help your coachee get the right inputs from their stakeholders on time with this coaching form sample that comprises a simple (and customisable) questionnaire!

Receiving feedback from stakeholders during the course of an engagement is useful in many ways. The Mid-Engagement Review tool assists you with exactly that. A simple questionnaire, the tool gets outside-in inputs from stakeholders, giving you and your client a clear picture of how far you have traveled in the first half of the engagement.

Essentially a tool for business leaders undergoing an executive coaching journey, this tool is also perfect for any of your coachees who are focusing on growth areas that allow for clear assessments by stakeholders. Given that this tool relies on the coachee’s universe of support, the Mid-Engagement Review is also meant for their stakeholders, right from direct reports to peers, team members to managers to provide inputs that will help your coachee to get the right inputs on time

Given that the middle of the engagement is the ideal time to course-correct, the primary advantage of this tool is to provide you with a solid basis on which to evaluate the course you’ve been taking. The stakeholders’ responses could of course also reinforce your and your client’s conviction that you are on the right track.

The Mid-Engagement Review tool is best used 3 months into a standard engagement. It could even be administered in multiple cycles in a long engagement, every 3 months.

Effectiveness in Demonstrating Leadership Behaviours

Over the last three months, how has <Name> been in demonstrating <Growth Area 1>

Over the last three months, how has <Name> been in demonstrating <Growth Area 2>


What has <name> done in the last 3  to become more effective Leader? What did you find particularly useful?

In the coming 3 months, what can <Name> do to be more effective?

Any other thoughts or comments?

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