360 Feedback – Qualitative

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360 Feedback - Qualitative

The Qualitative 360 Feedback is the perfect coaching template to get anecdotal observations about your clients’ strengths and triggers to evaluate them on certain set competencies

Want to get some in-depth insights from stakeholders? Use this qualitative 360 feedback form to get anecdotal observations on the client’s strengths and get to understand environments that trigger undesirable behaviors in your client. Here the focus is more on stories than numbers

Essentially a tool for business leaders undergoing an executive coaching journey, this tool is also perfect for any of your coachees where you are trying to understand their environmental triggers.

And given that this tool relies on the coachee’s universe of support, the 360 Feedback is also meant for their stakeholders, right from direct reports to peers, team members to managers, and even family and friends when required.

Whereas the 360 Feedback digital coaching tool asks stakeholders to evaluate the client on certain set competencies, the Qualitative 360 Feedback asks broad questions which can surface a lot of insights for the coach. The situational awareness the responses to this tool give both coach and coachee allow for very deep explorations.

Further, while the traditional 360 Feedback tool is essential for measuring and reporting on progress, the qualitative version of the tool covers much more ground and elicits much more authentic inputs, advice, and assessment of your coachee.

If the client organization doesn’t have a set of competencies they want to measure in the 360, and you will not be using the 360 Feedback (quantitative) tool, but still want an open-ended, free-flowing outside-in perspective, the 360 Feedback – Qualitative tool is perfect for you! (However, in rare occasions where it is warranted, coaches do use both the qualitative & quantitative 360 Feedback tools, as they serve vastly different and important roles in the coaching process.)

Administer this tool at the start of the engagement, after the initial chemistry session, to gain insights into the client’s environment.

Strengths and Development Areas

What are the leader’s strengths?

Describe the environment that brings out the best in this leader?

What are the leader’s areas to develop (improvements / changes / difference)?

If you were the leader’s coach or mentor what advice would you have for the leader?

Describe the environment that brings out the worst in this leader?

How does the leader.....


Follow up (execution, getting results)?

Listen / solicit opinions and ideas from others?

Communicate with others / relations with others ( manage relationships)?

Manage his emotions (self awareness and emotional control)?

Understand & works with emotions from others (empathy)?

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