The Complete Guide: Pricing Strategies for Your Coaching Business

The Complete Guide: Pricing Strategies for Your Coaching Business

One of the most common questions that stumps almost all new coaches is: “How do I price my services?” Ever found yourself asking the same question? We’re here to help you figure out exactly that!

What’s in the Guide?

The ‘Pricing Strategies for Coaches’ Guide provides a comprehensive look at some of the ways a newly-certified coach can go about pricing their services, because unlike other industries, pricing your coaching services isn’t quite a cookie-cutter approach.
We’ll help you look at pricing through various lenses and provide several different perspectives, so that by the time you’re through, you will have a nuanced and well-rounded approach to understanding pricing.

Here’s what you can expect to find inside the guide:


Introduction to pricing in the coaching industry

Pricing your coaching business isn’t as standard a process as you might hope. We help you understand the ‘why’ behind it so you can make an informed choice.


The 8 different strategies of pricing your coaching business

Yes, there are 8 strategies! From the more common ‘hour-based’ & ‘session-based’ pricing to the slightly more complex ‘result-based’ & ‘value-based’ pricing, we give you the lowdown on everything – so you can take a pick or go for a blended approach, whichever suits your business model best.


The upside of building coaching packages

Bundling up your offers into a coaching package is not merely a pricing strategy but a solid business approach. We help you figure out if creating a package is a good way to go based on the stage your business is at.


How to decide what coaching packages to offer and how to price it

Packaging your expertise can help create a clear offer for your audience. We help you understand how this will benefit your business and how you can create your own custom offer that will be useful to your clients. Plus, we also elaborate on the multiple factors you need to take into account when pricing your coaching package.


Bonus: Template for planning a coaching package

And we’re here with a bonus! We’re providing you with a template that’s going to help you build your coaching package from scratch. From identifying your target audience to figuring out what to include in your offer, we’ve made the process of packaging your coaching services super convenient.


Do’s & don’ts of pricing your coaching services

With so much being written and said about pricing, we decided to make things quite simple for you with a set of do’s and don’t’s. Once you go through these, pricing your coaching services will no longer be the daunting task it has been all along!


A comprehensive pricing checklist

You know this guide is built by coaches when it’s supported by a list of actionable items to help you get closer to your goal of pricing your services accurately! We’ve broken down all the learnings into step-by-step actions to get you started on the right foot.

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