Toolkit: Building Your Brand as a Business Coach


ToolKit: Building Your Brand as a Business Coach

The business coaching industry is exploding with new talent – and that’s great news! But how do you stand out in this ocean? By building your brand as a coach.

What’s in The Toolkit?

The ‘Building Your Brand as a Business Coach’ toolkit introduces you to the world of branding, with actionable content on everything it takes to build brand experiences – whether you’re a newly certified coach or an experienced one.

Expect to come away with a very real idea of what you need to be doing to build your business coaching brand and stand out from other coaches. We cover everything from the subjective areas of brand-building (with tools that make those subjective areas easier to navigate), to the marketing activities that come after, and how to judge branding success!

Take a look at what’s inside:


What is a brand & why is it important to build one for yourself?
An introduction to branding in general and branding in business coaching, whether you’re just starting out or already have your own niche & clients.


The different components of
brand building
While the process of brand-building might seem a little vague and subjective, we’ve put a 4-step process in place as a guide: one step for each ‘component’ of a brand.


Outlining your business coaching brand essence
What is a brand essence and how do you set about creating it? We make it easier than it sounds with step-by-step guidance, inspiration from industry experts, and an actionable, proprietary template to help you get there.


Defining your target audience
Marketing professionals are especially familiar with the words ‘target audience’ and today, business coaches need to be too. We talk about why it’s important to know – and what is important to know about – your prospective clients.


Planning your marketing collaterals
What all do you really need to put your business coaching brand out there? What do you need to do for these marketing collaterals? We share actionable tips, industry inspiration, and a few tools to get started.


Keeping your brand going
Brand-building is one exercise, but what comes after? No, it’s not something you pick up and drop – we tell you how to keep going, and how you’ll be able to measure success at the 3-month and 6-month mark.


The all-in-one checklist
Just because we’ve given you tips and tools, doesn’t mean it’s easy to get started. So we did what all coaches do: turned it into a goal with action items spread over a month. This checklist will keep your business coaching brand going and ensure you don’t give up on yourself or your brand!
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