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The What, Why & How of Leveraging LinkedIn as an Independent Coach

For individuals working in a corporate setting, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool to grow a network and further one’s professional career. The same applies for independent coaches – but not quite in the same way it does for a … Read More

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Blogging for Coaches – Why You Should Definitely Start One for Your Personal Coaching Business

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or fresh off the dock, creating an online presence in today’s world is paramount to your personal coaching business. It helps your ideal clients find you, find value in what you offer, and then potentially … Read More

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How Technology is Changing the Coaching Business

An investment in technology for your coaching practice is sure to pay you back in many ways, more so since we’ve been forced to comply with the virtual work culture brought in by the pandemic. You don’t even have to … Read More

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