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the leader as a coach

5 Key Attributes of the Leader as a Coach

Decades ago, when the term ‘leader’ came up in a conversation, one would expect them to be pace-setters and set authoritative goals, and the team would then follow along. The leader was expected to be a know-all and be-all. However, … Read More

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6 Signs That Indicate an Organization Has a Good Coaching Culture

I have spoken previously about the benefits of a coaching culture and how it can potentially transform the way an organisation functions. But what is it that forms the basis of a good coaching culture in an organisation? It always … Read More

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Democratisation of Coaching: Now Everyone Can Get a Coach

In earlier articles, we have looked at coaching from an independent coach’s point of view. What I want to do with this article, mainly because my area of coaching is primarily in the executive domain, is explore what coaching means … Read More

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executive coach

What’s the Right Time for an Organisation to Hire a Coach for Their Executives?

As an executive coach, most of what I have been writing about recently has been based around my own experiences as well as of those of my fellow coaches. This week I put myself in the shoes of the client. … Read More

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benefits of executive coaching

8 Benefits of Executive Coaching & How It Can Help on an Organisational Level

There is a pervasive myth that executive coaching only caters to senior management in organisations. But nothing could be further from the truth. This is because coaching is a very effective tool for employees on various rungs of the corporate … Read More

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5 Reasons Why Executive Coaching is Beneficial to Leaders as Well as Organisations

I was recently asked this question “Why is executive coaching important?” And with executive coaching slowly gaining popularity worldwide, I frequently come across people who are not entirely aware of who an executive coach is and how hiring an executive … Read More

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Here’s How a Coaching Culture Could Transform Your Organisation

Gary Vaynerchuck once said,“You don’t build culture by offering free snacks or a gym membership or open seating. You build culture by talking to people and understanding what they care about” And that I think is the essence of what … Read More

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What is Reverse Mentoring & When Do You Need It?

I have been part of leadership teams in organisations with other grey-haired folks like myself, wherein a younger member would be introduced to our team to coach us on aspects we were not familiar with and could use more counsel … Read More

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