Rajasekharan V.M

Rajasekharan V.M

Leadership Coach | Founder of BusinessClinique
Chennai, India

Rajasekharan V.M is a Leadership Coach & Consultant and the founder of ‘BusinessClinique’  – a coaching & consulting business with a panel of experienced advisors that offer solutions to companies on areas such as marketing, strategy, finance, supply chain, leadership development, and more. 

After having worked for almost four decades in the corporate world, he retired as the CEO of the ITC Limited Matches & Agarbatti Division in 2018, only to get certified as a Leadership Coach and dive back into work again!

Simply.Coach helps you to schedule your coaching sessions, helps you to journalise, it helps you to put the goals and the sustainability actions.
- Rajasekharan V.M

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Hi friends, thanks to Venkat and the Simply.Coach team for inviting me to share my experiences about using the product and interacting with them. 


I think more importantly a quick background about myself. I worked for 35 years in corporates and over 30 years in ITC itself. I retired as a CEO in 2018. So obviously after retirement I wanted to do something so I qualified myself as a leadership coach from CFI Chennai and I’ve done several coaching assignments from them, coached senior level and one of the top-level people in many organisations, also in public sector organisations. 


Now if you were to ask me how, I know Venkat, Ram and Chirag for quite some time so we signed up on Simply.Coach platform, see the important thing about leadership coaching, while it is a one on one, it is semi structured but not really formalised and documented well. So that was a lacuna in leadership coaching.


I think what Simply.Coach brings to the table is help you collect your thoughts, journalise your discussions and follow through points very well. I think that was in the sense, I remember during my training days as a coach, we used to write pages and pages after notes, journaling notes, which I used to hate. I always used to feel that once I become a coach, I’ll stop doing this and so I started using MS word document for every coach.


But I think this Simply.Coach platform helps you to schedule your coaching sessions, it helps you to journalise, it helps you to put the goals and the sustainability actions. More importantly, we’ve worked closely, me and the team of coaches at BusinessClinique, we worked very closely with Venkat, Ram and Chirag, and we were able to come out with a beautiful sustainability tracker that is after the coaching assignment gets over.


We were able to keep track of the actions that the coachee supposed to take and he can report back to the coach and to his boss. Which I think is being very well appreciated by our client organisations.


So, like this, there have been several instances where we were able to work jointly. More importantly I think I have had several rounds of meetings with Simply.Coach team.


Never even once have I heard, even though we keep repeating the same questions again and again and ask them to explain it again and again, they explain it so patiently and they’re all the time willing to work with you and help you perform better.


So, I think it’s a positive outlook for this company and I wish them well and give them lots of good luck for the times to come. Best wishes. Thank you.

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Sustainability Tracker
Action Tracking
Customer Service
Scheduling Sessions
Private Journal
Goals & Sustainability Actions

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