Teresa Mitrovic

Teresa Mitrovic

Founder & Managing Partner, Oro Collective
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Teresa Mitrovic is a leadership coach specializing in psychological safety in the workplace, helping build a high-performance and high trust culture. Teresa entered the coaching industry with almost 2 decades of leadership experience in commercial marketing across Hasbro, The Walt Disney Company, and Universal Pictures.

Because she enjoyed a culture of trust, enjoyment and learning alongside high performance work throughout her career, she decided to take this formula for success to others and established her own coaching & consulting business. Today, she’s taken the business digital and caters to clients all over the world.

There’s nothing else on the market [with] the kinds of support, functionality, and the breadth of functionality that Simply.Coach has
- Teresa Mitrovic

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Part 1

My name is Teresa Mitrovic, and I have a leadership consulting company called Oro Collective. When I was looking for a coaching platform that would help me work, really seamlessly with my clients, I was looking for something that had great interaction and connectivity with clients. A platform that allowed me to pre-load all of the resources that I normally share with clients, a platform that allowed me to book appointments, to book sessions, to rebook sessions, to book introductory or chemistry calls, the works.


And I did a lot of research on what was available at the time. And the one platform that really stood out was Simply.Coach, and it stood out because there was nothing else on the market that offered the kinds of support, the kinds of functionality, and the breadth of functionality that Simply.Coach has. And one of the things I’m most excited about, one of the ways it’s helping me to work more effectively in my business, is that it doesn’t just stop at being able to book and reschedule sessions online.

It also allows you to build entire coaching journeys so you can pre-populate a whole coaching journey that has everything from the initial call right the way through to a mid-coaching review. So any kind of digital tool that you want to build off the system, any kind of survey – there’s so much interactivity that is built in and that allows you to work directly with the client, whether you are face-to-face with them or whether they are working on their own time. So, the ability to create digital tools online, but also to create a library where I can add all of the tools and resources that I have as part of my intellectual property is fantastic.

It means I no longer need to go digging in my files, which, uh, which I never have time to properly organize. But now I don’t need to do that because everything is uploaded into my Simply Coach Library, and it makes it so much easier when I need to share something with the client.


So the client dashboard is incredible. It allows the client, you can set it up so that the client can book all their sessions themselves. You can book it for them. You can both have access to move things around. You can attach pre-work to sessions, after a session if you want to send them any notes, there’s a great shared space that allows you to do that. So everyone has full transparency around what’s going on and the progress that’s happened in the sessions. But you can also attach anything from your library or any digital tools or any additional files that you might have, any videos, any additional worksheets or workbooks that you want to attach can all go into that shared space and be linked directly back to the session as well, which is next level for me.

I love being organized. So that really spoke to me.


But Simply.Coach also recently added the functionality of being able to invoice directly from the platform as well, which is an absolute godsend for me. So now the entire coaching journey for a client is completely built into the system. Right from the point of contact.


In fact, the, the first point of contact, you know, with all of us coaches, isusually this chemistry call and Simply.Coach gives you a Showcase Page where you can talk about your experience, talk about the hours that you’ve racked up in your coaching practice, but it also allows people to book the sessions that they need to book if they are reaching out to you.

And that then triggers a process for you as the owner of the platform. That means that you then get this kind of prompt around, okay, so the chemistry call is done. The next thing is to move them from a prospect to a client to send them out a contract.

And all of this is digitized online with customized fields. So it pulls through all of the content that you need, which is amazing. It makes my job super, super fast. So all the contracts automated, the billing is automated. The client, your booking sessions is automated, setting up client journeys that speak directly to the client is all automated, but you still get the opportunity to drag and drop how many sessions you want, which kind of tools you want, whether or not you want to add in different points of contact throughout.

It also allows you, when you’re working with a client directly, but the organization has sponsored the engagement, to include those sponsors as well in the work that’s happening in the progress that you’re making.


And you can also set up goals for each of your clients so that instead of having to remember the goals that they’re working to or have it written down in your notes, it’s all on their dashboard. They can see the goals that they’ve set up to work through with you in the coaching program. You can track not just the progress that they’re making against those goals, but how they’re feeling about achieving those goals. Because when you’re a coach, you know, your clients can often tell you that they feel very confident about doing something, and they will do in the moment when they’re coming off the high of their coaching session, but sometimes that changes between sessions.

And so having an opportunity to allow them to check in and change their mood around the different goals is really valuable as well.

Part 2

In fact, last week I sent out a survey to a client. It was a mid-review survey and what I wanted to do was just check back on how she was feeling about the progress she was making through her coaching. And [Simply.Coach] just populated the coaching goals that we had so we could automatically track what was going on there.

When you’re creating surveys or digital tools online with Simply.Coach, it gives you smart answers. So, you know, you can have people respond with comments, smart answers, which are radio buttons or different multi-choice.


So you’ve got this incredible breadth of functionality and design when it comes to creating something that really mirrors what you want to be creating for your client, both in terms of the look and feel and the intuition. So the ability to kind of have this intuitive site that’s really fantastic, but you’re actually getting real results as well, and the client can see the results that they’re getting throughout the coaching program, is fantastic. You can get quite granular with that if you want to.


But the other ways that it’s helped my business is – I recently ran a set of 360s across four different cohort groups with a client, and I upgraded my account so that I could actually bring my HR contact into the account so she could work with me to design the questions, design how the reports looked. And it was an incredible experience for both of us. So it’s been such a blessing to work with this particular platform.

I work across a lot of tech, and this is one platform that you can tell when you look at it, you can tell when you use it, that it’s been designed by both someone who’s got deep technical expertise, but someone who also actually understands what it’s like to coach people and what coaches actually need to be able to do to keep their businesses running and to be able to work really intuitively and effectively with their clients.


So Simply.Coach is probably the only platform I’ve seen that effectively does that. It marries both. And anytime I’ve had any issues and I’ve reached out – and I have reached out a lot, <laugh> because tech is not an accurate thing for me, I am often in the chat function, reaching out and asking different questions – the team are so responsive and they are so fast, and they are constantly making adaptations and improvements and adding new functionality to the site as well.

So, you know, it’s not uncommon to jump into the site and see that some things are in beta because you’ve got new functions coming, which is really exciting.

So it’s a very, it’s a very dynamic site. It allows you to get really close to your customers. It allows you to really think about your offer and how you are offering what you are offering to the market and how you want to scope it.

And it honestly has shaved hours off my week hours. So it’s made my life easier by making it easier for me to organize myself and my work.


I never have to worry about what’s happening with clients or jump through notes to kind of get back up to speed on where we’re at because everything is captured on that client dashboard and the system prompts you all the time.


And in fact, there’s one other thing I’ve forgotten that I really loved, and that’s that you can actually program action points and nudges for your clients.

So being able to just remind your clients, whether it’s daily or weekly or every few days, and whether it’s a set time every day, or whether you choose it to kind of pop up spontaneously, can be really helpful when you’re talking about behavior change, particularly for really deep-seated patterns with clients. And that’s what I mean by the platform being really well-designed and thinking about how you actually transformational results with clients.


So honestly, from the design, the use, the customer experience, and the customer service that you get from the guys behind Simply.Coach, I couldn’t recommend it more.

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Resource Library
Digital Tools
Goal Management
Showcase Page
Session Management

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