Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna

Leadership & Executive Coach | Co-Founder of ProventusHR
Mumbai, India

With over two decades of experience in the consulting and finance industry, Rama Krishna (or RK) co-founded ProventusHR – where their mission was to assist their clients to identify their needs, develop action plans, and facilitate change in order to enhance the success of their organization.  

Their services in management, human resource, and training are designed to enhance productivity, efficient communication, and employee morale. 

Not only did [Simply.Coach] provide us tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of how we could configure our components, it provided us an ability to keep every participant [on] the same page as we went along the journey.
- Rama Krishna

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So this is about Simply.Coach and we at ProventusHR have been in the business six years, working across leadership, leadership development, coaching, and journeys, where we bring in leadership development and the coaching together. And [in] all these five years, we’ve partnered heavily with firms that can provide us technology in terms of simulation or learning enhancements. And one of the crying needs, especially for organizations like us wherein we were looking at journeys with blended learning and coaching, was how do we enable a lot of this or at least do the administrative bit using a platform.  


And that was the primary search we were in for and there, of course, we came across Simply.Coach, which when we explored, gave us multiple options, very honestly. Not only did it provide us tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of how we could configure our components, it provided us an ability to keep every participant [on] the same page as we went along the journey. And it also helped us plug-in our coaching that goes along with the journey.  


And when I say coaching, that’s the primary platform that it is it allows us to do 360s, it allows us to customize them, create our own, it allows us to do various check-ins, nudges. It also has an engine that automatically helps us schedule those meetings, put them in the calendar for the participant sufficiently in advance, and manage our reminders for us, so removing a lot of that administrative process.  


From a value-add point of view, I think it’s phenomenal because after every conversation that we have, whether it’s part of a leadership intervention or whether it’s part of the coaching intervention when we go along in the journey, I think immediately after the scheduled end of the particular conversation, an auto-reminder or auto-reflection note goes to the participants, including [to] the coach, and capturing in terms of what were the reflections from the session or the discussion.  


So [the] whole host of these tools have, in my view, and that’s the first set of journeys that we’re almost towards the end of now, is the value-add that it provides, the mindshift that it’s able to achieve with the participants and nudge them or encourage them towards traction is [a] phenomenal value-add for us.  


We are now looking at being able to put most of our journeys on the platform and of course, highly responsive in terms of support because, for us, we were trying to do a new thing using a coaching platform and building journeys on this.  


I think tremendous support from Ram, Kiran, [and] the team. We obviously were stuck in a couple of places, not being able to understand how the features work but we got quick support, not only online through the web interface, but also if required, on call.  


And the best part is having seen us through this building of a journey on the platform, the team responded well and has already put in a cohort feature wherein one can plan a cohort journey over a period of six to nine months, which typically is what the coaching relationships run for. So, it allows me to have a mass coaching engagement with a similar calendar running across all these cohorts, or all this, probably let’s say an organization, and it helps you map it without having to, you know, kind of worry about an X feature for one and a Y feature for the other.  


So I think that’s been a tremendous help and good tool, great tool in fact, and I’m saying this because we’ve explored multiple tools through our journey to be able to help us manage our process, our journeys in a much more effective manner.  


But once we’ve created the journey here, we haven’t had much of an administrative hassle in terms of scheduling or managing day-to-day interventions, day-to-day reminders, day-to-day ticklers or even capturing the updates, capturing the coaching action plan sheets, or being able to review them as and how it goes along.  

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