Cliff Benns

Cliff Benns

Business Coach, Founder & CEO of Purpose Driven Business Coaching

Cliff Benns has over 25 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship under his belt and has built several multi-million-dollar companies. With immense knowledge in growing companies in the most sustainable ways, today Cliff builds businesses that make a positive impact on humanity as well as the environment. He inspires and helps other founders, business owners and entrepreneurs who are on the same path.

We reviewed something like 18 systems and ... then we chose Simply.Coach.
- Cliff Benns

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Hi, my name is Cliff Benns and I’m the founder and CEO of a company called Purpose Driven Business Coaching. I just want to speak to you today a little bit about my experience with Simply.Coach.


Simply.Coach is a coaching management platform that we currently use and we really made the decision to use Simply.Coach on a number of levels. Actually, we did really an extensive research of all the coaching platforms out there on the market. I think we reviewed something like 18 systems and really got it down to three or four and then we chose Simply.Coach.


And to be honest, what we found was Simply.Coach really had all the features and functionality that we needed as well as we found it quite user-friendly. And also we could see the willingness to continue to develop the product in alignment with the clients’ needs. That was confirmed to me when we needed a specific feature within the system and they could see that that feature would be beneficial to everybody else.


So they made those changes and they made those improvements in the system and it really saved a lot of time for all of our coaches as well. So my experience with the platform has been very positive.


It’s helped us to manage all of our coaching engagements right through from the engagement process, the onboarding, the session delivery, notetaking, everything we pretty much use the system for, as well as being able to deploy the resources that you need for a particular session very quickly and in a controlled way as well.


So I have nothing but praise for the guys and girls at Simply.Coach. I think it’s a great system, it’s well priced, and I think after you do your own analysis, you’ll come back to Simply.Coach, it’s really the one for you. Appreciate your time and thank you.

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