Melonya Johnson

Melonya Johnson

Leadership Coach | President of BSMART Coaching
Buffalo, New York, United States

Melonya Johnson is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background in psychology, leadership, and coaching. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Science in Professional Leadership. 

As the president of BSMART Coaching, she specializes in change management strategies. With over 20 years of experience, Melonya is dedicated to helping executives maximize their performance potential and effectiveness by leveraging their strengths.

It’s evident to me that Simply.Coach was designed by a coach for coaches because no detail was overlooked.
- Melonya Johnson

Detailed Review

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Hi, my name is Melonya Johnson. I am the owner of BSMART Coaching, a leadership development practice, and I [use] Simply.Coach because it surpasses other client management systems. It has some impressive features. A few that caught my attention was the 360-degree stakeholder feedback surveys.


They can be administered very easily, and they provide feedback throughout the coaching engagement, which I think is invaluable. There are built-in assessments that will help you to create your coaching journeys very easily. 


Goal tracking, I think, is just essential to both the client and the coach and this system provides that capability. There’s easy reporting and more; there’s just much more. The platform, I think, elevates my coaching offering by allowing me to curate personalized journeys and the ability to do this and walk the client through this is a great sales tool. 

It’s evident to me that Simply.Coach was designed by a coach for coaches because no detail was overlooked. The intuitive platform navigation and the exceptional customer service has made my experience fabulous. The platform is continuously being updated and overall, Simply.Coach has helped me to think differently about engaging my client. 


The ability to automate exercises and resources will provide better goal achievement and at the end of the day, that’s why we’re here to help them achieve their goal. So, I highly recommend Simly.Coach for a dynamic coaching client management system. 

Standout Simply.Coach Features for Melonya

360 Degree Stakeholder Feedback
Digital Tools
Goal Tracking

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