Trevor Farquharson 

Trevor Farquharson

Founder of Vertical Axis Consulting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Trevor is a driven individual who loves to help businesses enjoy safety in orderly systems that reduce many of the risks inherent in day-to-day operations. 
His ability to see the big picture with fresh eyes, build efficiencies, and enhance systemization within your organization all serves to forward the continued growth of an individual, their organization, and the vision they’ve realized. 
When not at work, Trevor can be found sailing, camping, rock climbing, and enjoying Canada’s vast wilderness! 

To get me to sign up, Simply.Coach actually began development on a number of my must-haves before I even opened a paid account. There's mutual trust there.
- Trevor Farquharson

Detailed Review

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Hi, my name is Trevor Farquharson. I’m the CPA and the Head of Operations at a fast-growing boutique coaching business. We‘re running now with several coaches, all of whom have a diverse roster of corporate clients. With the growth of the business, I knew that we needed a more robust system for recordkeeping, scheduling, reporting, etc. I honestly didn’t know what was out there and after reviewing a number of systems, I came across simply Coach. 


After I stacked them up against the competitors, it was an easy choice for us. The price point, the functionality, and the hands-on customer service really sold me on the deal. Now there is a learning curve with the platform, and it’s quite intuitive & runs smoothly. What really sets Simply.Coach apart for me, as I said, is the customer service each time I’ve gone to them with requests. 


Or something as simple as How do we better deal with the process or can we get an update on this? Or can you actually develop a whole new module for us? The answer has always been yes or well, what about this? To put it in perspective, to get me to sign up, Simply.Coach actually began development on a number of my musthaves before I even opened a paid account. There’s mutual trust there.  


Since then, I’ve been reasonable and demanding. I’m not sure what they would say and like I said, each time it’s either a yes, give us some time, or we get into a more collaborative approach where I may be working directly with their developers and that in turn makes me feel like a highlyvalued client. My needs are met and exceeded on the regular. Simply Coach is helping my business in so many ways, just to name a few. 


It’s now easier than ever to showcase the value we bring to our corporate clients. Also, with the in-depth reporting available, I’m able to see trends ahead of time and then action them before they become an issue. Our month end has never been more streamlined and we can actually now allow our clients to schedule directly with our coaches through the platform. After saying all that, we’re only using about 25 to 30% of Simply.Coach and I’m really excited for what’s to come. 

Standout Simply.Coach Features for Trevor

Digital Tools
Goal Setting
Action Tracker

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