Monica Speight

Monica Speight

Certified Coach | CEO at Speight Strategies
Washington DC, USA

Monica Speight is a Certified Coach, Speaker and CEO at Speight Strategies – an initiative for people who want to flow in their Divine purpose. Her engaging training, coaching, and content (that are based on biblical principles) help her clients apply spiritual strategies in every domain of their life – while providing them with support in every step of the way. 

Her work of helping people align themselves with their Divine purposes has inspired and impacted thousands of people and has helped them move beyond self-awareness to complete transformation. 

If you’re looking for a coaching platform, that I believe is also affordable and can really help you (plus if you’re a new coach starting out and you don’t have any coachees you’re working with), hands down this is the best platform!
- Monica Speight

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My name is Monica Speight and I’m a coach who works with Christians who are executing their vision and I’m helping them prepare themselves for the vision so they can execute it with influence and impact in the marketplace. My students are not just people who work within the local church but they are called to the global church and so they have influential and impactful cause to people and I am helping them be ready and execute at high levels.  


So I have been looking for a coaching platform for a while, I’ve been coaching for many years and prior to coming to Simply.Coach, I found another platform, it was pretty good, it was okay, it was wonderful but I was growing and they couldn’t sustain where my business was going. And when I found Simply.Coach, I used many platforms and tried before I decided on Simply.Coach and I love, love, love, love this platform.  


My number one reason for this platform is not really the platform itself, that’s number two but my number one reason for this platform is their customer service is A, I mean it’s A + +, it is stellar, so the platform is amazing, let me just be clear but what’s important about customer service is when I have a question about something that’s new and I’m using, I want to be able to connect with someone and them help me work through this and that’s exactly what they do. I mean, I have never had a response go unresponded to you, I’ve never had, I’m sorry, a question go unresponded to you, and I’m talking quick response times and follow up, to make sure I’m doing it right or that I’m okay and so that is made me using the platform, I mean, it’s just made it so much easier.  


When we talk about the platform itself, one of the things I love is that everything is one place – I can see all of my coachees there, I can communicate with them in one place, we have a shared space where we can have a conversation, this has really allowed me to coach at a higher level because I’m not doing a lot of back and forth via email and something’s getting lost or messenger but I have a place where we can connect and it’s been a game changer. My private journal inside Simply.Coach where I can keep my notes, pin things to the top, or remind myself of certain things is just, I mean it’s stellar, it’s absolutely amazing. Setting up my own content inside of Simply.Coach and using either my digital tools and being able to send it to the particular coachee that needs it without having to send all these different emails because everything is in one place. It’s organized, it’s beautiful, I have folders for certain things, like, it’s a coach’s dream to me like I love this place, I haven’t even used Simply.Coach to its full capacity, like really have not used to its full capacity so I’m excited because I can create journeys for my customers.  


Another thing I love about Simply.Coach is the automation. Being able to automate the pre-coaching form and the post-coaching form and I do a client impact assessment form and so being able to automate these things and giving nudges and reminders and I don’t have to worry about it, it’s amazing. 


I have had my clients’ engagements increase, at least 60 to 70% because of Simply.Coach. Like they’re more responsive, they’re more likely to follow through on things because they’re getting something and they’re getting these email reminders, and it is wonderful.  


I absolutely love this platform. I have had suggestions that they’ve responded to, they’re continually upgrading and increasing kind of what they’re offering.  


And I think you should try it out. I would definitely try it out, play around with and I think you’ll probably fall in love like I did. And so, you know, again my name is Monica and I hope you give Simply.Coach a try. 

Standout Simply.Coach Features for Monica

Customer Service
Shared Space
Private Journal
Digital Tools
Email Reminders

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