Lorraine Edwards

Lorraine Edwards

Life & Relationship Coach | Co-Founder & CEO of A Single Mission
Virginia, United States

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lorraine was raised by her parents in the SDA church. This is also where she received her first training in public speaking. The fear of public speaking led her to learn to put her faith in God. 

Her work today combines her religious & spiritual foundations along with her background in psychology. She founded A Single Mission, an organisation that was born out of her story and the opportunity she’d had ministering to other Christian singles going through their own pains and struggles. 

I intend to keep using [Simply.Coach] as long as I remain coaching.
- Lorraine Edwards

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So, I started using Simply.Coach because I got a recommendation from a coaching group I was in and the system that I was trying to use just was giving me a lot of issues.  


Once I started using Simply.Coach, it was pretty easy to navigate, there were a couple of things that I didn’t understand and the team did a walk-through with me for about an hour, explaining every aspect of the platform and how to use it, so that was very helpful.  


And any time I’ve had any questions or said, “Hey, this isn’t working, or that” the team has always acted very quickly in getting it fixed or explaining to me what I needed in order to make it work the way I needed.  


I use it every single week for my clients. I use the agenda, I use the action steps, we use those resources and repositories and the shared space and the check-ins for the goals. And I find it to be very easy for both myself and the client to navigate. And they keep adding great thingsas you know, they’ll be adding the invoicing and payments, as well as contracting. They have the offering page that I developed. I haven’tposted it yet.  


So, I really like Simply.Coach and I intend to keep using it as long as I remain coaching.  

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Customer Service
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