Girish Trivedi  

Girish Trivedi

Transition Coach | Co-Founder of Monk Consulting
Gurgaon, India

As the co-founder of Monk Consulting, Girish Trivedi has provided strategic consulting and direction to clients across the globe to help build and expand their businesses. He has built GTM strategies for businesses with a focus on measurable objectives. Girish is also a distinguished speaker at several reputed industry forums and media events. Last but not least, he is also an ICF-ACC coach and mentor working specifically with industry executives, start-up entrepreneurs, and executives in transition. 

I love the intuitiveness of the platform, that probably is the reason why we are here.
- Girish Trivedi

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So, one of the things Ram, which I wanted from a platform like this is to ease out my day-to-day operations while undertaking any coaching assignment or business.  


I found the platform extremely intuitive, and I think it’s been very well thought through. Every question which I had in my mind about what are the features I would like to look into a platform, I could actually go ahead… I could actually see those specific features there on the platform and some of the things like customizable portal, you know, ability to send emails through the portal on my own business email, or some of the greatest additions to the platform.  


So, I love the intuitiveness of the platform, that probably is the reason why we are here.  

Standout Simply.Coach Features for Girish

Customizable Business Portal
Business Email

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