Ramkumar R

Ramkumar R

Business Coach
Chennai, India

Ramkumar R is a Business Coach who has worked with large corporations such as Adobe, Cisco, Bosch, Vodafone, Disney and many more. Ramkumar was certified from Coaching Federation of India (CFI) and is also certified in Coaching with Depth from IIT Madras and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He mainly works with CEOs, CXOs and senior management to help them and the organizations discover who they are, realize their true potential, gain clarity, increase their ability to wade through challenging situations and live their life purpose. On top of all these qualifications, he is also an award-winning professional musician!

I would just like to say that they have a wonderful team. I have been interacting with [the team] right from the very early days and they've been very supportive and helpful.
- Ramkumar R

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Hi, I’m Ramkumar, I coach CEOs and senior management professionals and I try to make the coaching engagement as interesting and engaging as possible.


And one of the things that I always use in coaching engagements is the help of technology. Technology helps me make the whole coaching engagement much better, much more effective. Especially because these are very senior people, and you may need multiple modes of communication or touch points with them.


And this is exactly where Simply.Coach helps me a lot. But before Simply.Coach came into existence, I used to use, you know, starting from paper and pen to google docs, excel sheets, to CRM tools, you know, name it and I was using all these tools to manage my coaching engagement, to make it more interesting etc.


Then landed Simply.Coach! I’ve been a very early customer of theirs, you know, I’ve had the privilege of using the tool right from, almost the first version when it came out and it’s been a wonderful journey with them. We started with very basic features, but then they’ve been very very quick to add new features. Some of the very prominent features that really help me are private journal that I use to document all my coaching sessions, the digital tools section, which I use to create N number of tools.


Simply.Coach gives you lots of templates and tools themselves, but it also allows you to customize the digital tools based on your requirement. That is something I use a lot. Then, you know, setting up action items through the actions feature, gently nudging your coachees to complete action items! Lots of features are there which I use.


There are some features that I haven’t explored yet like the coaching journey, the contract management piece etc., which I would definitely like to explore in the coming days.


I would just like to say that they have a wonderful team. I have been interacting with Ram, Venkat and Kiran right from the very early days and they’ve been very supportive and helpful. You know anytime, I ping them and not just them, even on Simply.Coach website, they work through Intercom and Chirag or anybody else who responds there on the site, they’re very very receptive, they respond very very effectively.


So, hats off to Simply.Coach! They’ve had a wonderful beginning, and brilliant initial years, I wish them a lot of success in their journey.

Standout Simply.Coach Features for Ramkumar

Customer Service
Digital Tools
Private Journal
Coaching Journeys
Contract Management

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