5 Financial Coaches & Accounts to Follow Online in 2024 

May 10, 2023
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If you’re a personal finance coach looking to stand out from the rest, widen your net, and bring in more clients, you’re going to need some smart marketing.  

Being a finance coach is a great profession – you’re putting your expertise to its best use and making a positive difference in people’s lives. But you need to make a living, and you won’t be able to bring in more clients beyond a certain point without marketing. 

Don’t start with a blank slate – to help you get inspired and spark some ideas, we’ve shortlisted 5 financial coaches and accounts that are doing a fine job of marketing their services. Have a look and get inspired! 

1. The Financial Diet  

The Financial Diet is a UK-based Instagram account that deals with anything and everything to do with personal finance, from budgeting to investing. It was started in 2014 by Chelsea Fagan to track her own budget and has, since then, grown into a cross-platform media company and digital destination to help young women talk about money. 

The Financial Diet consists of a team of 8 women who lead the conversation around personal finance. They curate expert advice on the complexities of financial planning as well as personal narratives from women who wish to reclaim their relationship with money. 

Through their work, they aim to fundamentally change and improve the way they talk about money – think less shame and intimidation around money, and more confidence. 

Your main takeaway: Their sheer volume of content. Their online presence is quite robust – they have their own YouTube channel, podcast, free workshops and resources, online programs, memberships, newsletters and more! Take some time to explore their online presence and offerings and get inspired to get started on your own journey. 

Explore their offerings here

Follow @thefinancialdiet on Instagram. 

2. This Girl Talks Money 

This Girl Talks Money was started by Ellie (last name unknown) with the intention to have open conversations around earning, spending, saving, and managing money. As a certified financial coach, Ellie runs financial workshops and hosts panel discussion for companies big & small. 

But that’s not all. 

Ellie has managed to use her expertise to grow beyond holding workshops and coaching people; she has combined her strength of writing to write content about money for household brands, media publications, and financial websites, and co-hosts a podcast called Money Unfiltered which talks about topics such as money, wealth, privilege, and judgment. 

On her social media, you’ll find Ellie addressing interesting aspects such as the hidden costs of being female, types of financial self-sabotage, how TikTok has normalised spending, setting boundaries around money, and more. 

Your main takeaway: Ellie’s online presence is concise and precise, doing just what it needs to do and doing it well. She’s diversified her offerings to create multiple revenue streams, and she uses her Instagram account as an axis to run it all. 

Explore their offerings here

Follow @thisgirltalksmoney on Instagram. 

3. Making Money Simple 

The Making Money Simple platform was created in 2019 by Ryan King as a means of spreading financial education. He talks about intelligent ways to invest in the stock market, the best ways to track expenses, setting monthly budgets, ways to build generational wealth, Crypto, and more. 

Ryan has a strong social media presence – he has an Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter account, as well as his own podcast and newsletter. Spreading his teachings across various mediums ensures that he can have a wider reach and gain enough demand for his offerings, which involve a book written by him called ‘Stop Waiting, Start Investing’, self-study workshops on how to start investing, as well as 1:1 coaching. 

Your main takeaway: His relatable, highly personal approach to marketing. Ryan represents his true self on his account, as someone who’s growing, learning, and sharing his wisdom along the way. 

Explore his offerings here

Follow @makingmoneysimple on Instagram 

4. Go Fund Yourself 

Go Fund Yourself was started by Alice, a self-proclaimed finance geek, as a financial news and education platform for 20–35-year-olds in UK. Alice comes with a background in behavioural economy, is a management consultant and a certified debt advisor with CMA and has managed to grow a community of over 100,000 people due to Go Fund Yourself. 

Alice has a bunch of offerings under the Go Fund Yourself brand name that directly as well as indirectly contribute to her business: a pension masterclass, investing masterclass, self-employment pension guide, retirement guide, and more. She also does on-demand corporate talks and partnerships that add to her business revenue – so this is a finance coach and educator who is putting her expertise to good use in expanding her revenue streams. 

Her social media touches upon various aspects of life that impact one’s finances – such as tips to escape a career rut, work perks to look for, financial discrimination for the LGBTQIA+ community, alternative career options and more. 

Alice has a property on Instagram called ‘Financial Confessions’ where she crowd-sources stories from her audience about their financial decisions, mistakes, and leaps, which helps provide a range of perspectives on money, wealth, and the mindset around it. Not to mention, it also helps keep her community super engaged! 

Your main takeaway: The amazing brand that Alice has built with Go Fund Yourself. The Instagram page is on-brand in every way, with strict adherence to brand colours, different series following different design templates, and so on. 

Explore her offerings here

Follow @gofundyourself on Instagram. 

5. Laura Ann Moore 

Laura Ann Moore is a money mindset expert and a financial wellbeing speaker who teaches people how to feel good about money and become financially confident. 

On her social media profile, Laura likes to throw light on the difference between saving vs building wealth so that people can make wise decisions with their money. She also shares money affirmations and tips on different budgeting methods, creating financial goals, sticking to budgets and a variety of other topics that relate to finance, money, and wealth. 

Laura shares several resources that people can make use of such as free checklists, self-paced courses and sessions, as well as 1:1 sessions. 

Your main takeaway: Laura’s expertise in creating video content. She’s leveraging video as a medium to the fullest, which is great for the Instagram algorithm and also for viewers. 

Explore her offerings here

Follow @lauraannmoore on Instagram. 


1. Who are India’s top financial coaches?  

Kamal Jeswani, Melvin Joseph, Priya Sunder, Ujjwal Patni, Preeti Zende, and Shilpa Wagh are some of the most well-known financial coaches and advisors from India. 

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