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March 27, 2023
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In this increasingly complex world, relationships are fragile and navigating them has become equally complex. Hence, more and more people are turning to relationship coaches to work both on their personal and professional relationships. 

Now, whether you are starting your journey as a relationship coach or growing your relationship coaching business, this list is a good place to start to gain inspiration from prominent names in the industry. We have listed 7 such coaches making waves. Read on: 

1. Jaime Bronstein 

A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), Jaime Bronstein juggles multiple roles and responsibilities—a therapist, coach, and a TV talk show host. With almost 20 years of coaching experience under her belt, Jaime has recently been endowed with the title of #1 relationship coach by Yahoo Finance.  

Frequently featured in media outlets such as BuzzFeed, Readers Digest, The Week, CBS News, ABC, etc., Jaimie serves coaching clients from all around the world. Her coaching engagements are a one stop solution when it comes to achieving relationship goals. As an active relationship coach on YouTube, Jaime’s videos are a reservoir of rich content on relationships. 

Her methodologies involve healing the past, self-love, utilizing inner strength and intuition, living authentically, etc. She is on a personal mission to create positive change and transform lives around the world through her coaching services. 

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook 

2. Vincent Soo 

A certified relationship and infidelity recovery coach, Vincent Soo advertises himself as the “relationship architect”. He believes that the foundation of every healthy relationship is authenticity and honesty. Soo has 15 years of experience in relationship coaching, affair recovery coaching, inner child healing, trauma and mental health recovery, and marriage counselling.  

A typical profile of his client involves married couples (5 years and above), mostly working professionals or entrepreneurs, within the age group of 20s to 50s facing marital challenges such as infidelity. In coaching his clients, he aims at transforming the rocky relationship into a fulfilling marriage with the help of 3 Rs — “Rebuild Connection”, “Resolve Conflicts”, and “Restore Love”. Soo has been identified as one of the finest relationship coaches by Coach Foundation in 2023. 

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook     

3. Arica Angelo 

Recognized as one of the top 10 relationship coaches by Yahoo Finance, Arica Angelo is empowering individuals to bond intimately with themselves and other relations for 15 years now. Featured on the likes of NBC, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, etc., Arica is also a host to Bravo’s “Love Without Borders”. 

As one of the leading relationship coaches online, both her emergency and accelerated coaching sessions are highly sought-after. Her expertise lies in handling “taboo topics” with ease and offering “straightforward” solutions to relationship problems.   

As an active relationship coach on YouTube, Arica’s videos offer content on building boundaries in healthy relationships, dealing with ghosting in dates, the power of vulnerability, etc. She believes that people usually know the solutions to their problems, they just aren’t just aware of them. It’s her job to help her clients bring those answers to light. 

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook         

Are you just starting out on your journey as a relationship coach? We’ve got essential resources for you! 

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4. Sandeep Bogra 

A relationship coach by profession, Sandeep Bogra completed his training at Robbins-Madanes Training. Inspired by his “passion about people” and desire to add meaning and value to people’s lives and relationships, he founded “Someone You Need” in 2012. 

His mantra is to help people express their agony, feel heard and understood, and eventually guide them to make “meaningful choices in life”. Sandeep has also been featured in the likes of Business Standard, The Print, Entrepreneur India, etc.  

As a bestselling author, he believes his book is a step forward in achieving his goal to “Touch & Transform Lives for the Better…” 

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram        

5. Leia Gamache 

As a certified personal coach and a spiritual teacher, Leia Gamache has more than 18 years of experience in her kitty. She specializes in varied areas including relationships, career, wellness, mediation, personal development, leadership, etc. She has been awarded as the top relationship coach by Coach Foundation in 2022. 

She believes in using “pleasure-based models” in helping individuals make lifestyle choices, rather than the quintessential method of “working it out”. One of her many philosophies of life is “passion is life… cultivate it”. 

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook             

6. Stephen Labossiere 

Stephen Labossiere is a certified relationship coach, a bestselling author, and a speaker. As one of the leading relationship coaches online, he has 12 years of experience in delivering desired results to his clients. Stephen helps men and women alike in taking charge of complicated situations in life, making positive changes, and overcoming relationship issues. 

He is known for his “straightforward” yet “compassionate” way of dealing with his clients. His clientele includes the likes of celebrities, civic and social organizations, academic institutions, and so on. It’s no wonder then, that he is one of the most followed relationship coaches on Instagram, with 1.9 million followers.  

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook             

7. Beck Thompson 

The owner and founder of “The Relationship Circle”, Beck Thompson is also an award-winning coach and one of the most recognized relationship coaches in recent times. 

A widely followed relationship coach on Instagram, Beck’s decade-long experience in counselling, social work, and life coaching has helped her shape her approach in dealing with relationships. She focuses on working with individuals and couples, figuring out issues, and resolving them via making behavioral changes. 

Beck believes in helping clients re-establish strong connections and brave life’s challenges through “honesty”, “openness”, and “support”. 

 Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook      

They say the key to a good relationship is sound advice and guidance. Relationship coaches like you play the pivotal role of such guides in helping people find the cushion of comfort, peace, love and understanding in today’s world. We hope this article helps you get inspired by the works of these experts and carve a niche for yourself. 

Source: Newsblare, Coachfoundation, Thedatingtruth 


1. Who are the top relationship coaches? 

Some of the top relationship coaches are Jaime Bronstein, Vincent Soo, Arica Angelo, Sandeep Bogra, Leia Gamache, Stephen Labossiere, and Beck Thompson. 

2. Who is the #1 relationship coach in the world? 

It’s tricky to name the #1 relationship coach in the world. Jaime Bronstein has been recognized as the #1 relationship coach transforming lives by Yahoo Finance in 2020. The Coach Foundation has named Sandeep Bogra as the best life & relationship coach in India. According to Globes News Wire, the top spot is held by Hayley Quinn, the founder of UK’s largest dating coaching organization. 

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