9 Dating Coaches to Follow on Instagram

March 8, 2023
Dating coach

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Life’s complex and, well, so is love. The dating ‘rules’ have changed, and so have expectations. Before one decides on who swipes the credit card on a date, one decides whether to ‘swipe right or swipe left’ on dating apps like Tinder or Instagram dating. It can get complex and a little more than messy for someone who just wants to settle down. 

Enter dating coaches! They are a guide to putting the best foot forward in love. From how to talk to how to dress perfectly for a date and even handle rejections or take matters to the next level, they are the lovestruck’s friend-philosopher-guide. 

Here are some of the best dating coaches in the world, who are active on Instagram, and whose tips and tricks could be your inspiration if you want to pursue or excel in a career as a dating coach: 

1. Matthew Hussey 

Coach profile: In today’s modern life, one thing that’s hard to achieve is dating with results. Matthew Hussey has guided millions of women globally in successfully winning over the love of their lives. Matthew Hussey blogs are rich dating-advice reservoir for women. His New York Times bestseller “Get the Guy” is one of the many feathers in his cap (download the pdf version for free). A relationship columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and the resident love expert on The Today Show, he has been seen and featured on Netflix, Business Insider, The New York Times, Good Morning America, and more. He has coached over 100,000 women through his live seminars and over 92,100,000 women via his dating training videos. With 1.4 million Instagram followers, Matthew Hussey is one of the world’s leading dating coaches for women. 

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook 

Website: https://www.howtogettheguy.com/ 

USP: As a dating coach, Matthew Hussey believes in inspiring women to find love through sincere, genuine, and realistic advice. This helps his clients feel confident about themselves, take charge of their own happiness, and be in a relationship they truly deserve. 

2. Benjamin Daly 

Coach profile: Benjamin Daly is one of the top dating coaches for women and a content creator. He has been instrumental in helping women find and establish a meaningful relationship with the partner they dreamed of. Two of the distinct Benjamin Daly books are “Why Men Don’t Commit” and “Appily Ever After: A Woman’s Guide to Online Dating”. He has been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Tinder, Fox, ABC, The Telegraph, etc. Benjamin Daly is one of the leading dating coaches based out of London, United Kingdom. 

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook 

Website: https://www.benjamindaly.co/ 

USP: Human behavior, social interaction, and human psychology are his stronghold, helping him produce affirmative results for his clients. 

3. Matt Artisan 

Coach profile: Matt is one of the best dating coaches for men, with an experience of more than 10 years in coaching men across 40 different countries. Matt is also the author of a book on dating and the creator of a dating method. The online dating coach’s forte ranges from curbing social anxiety to building inner confidence in men. And that’s not all, he has spoken at numerous dating conferences, seminars and bootcamps, and has also been featured in various media publications and TV interviews like CNN, ABC News, etc.  

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat 

Website: https://theattractiveman.com/matt-artisan/ 

USP: His unique strength lies in transforming dating habits in men and helping them be authentic around women.  

4. Blaine Anderson 

Coach profile: “Always fascinated by dating and relationships”, Blain Anderson now successfully runs “Dating by Blaine”. She is a leading dating coach for guys in USA who has supported thousands of men in their dating endeavors. Blaine’s unique insights and strategies through private coaching, personalized matchmaking and other related services help her clients gear up for success. Featured in the likes of Forbes, The New York Times, and The New York Post, she currently has 193K Instagram followers. 

Pro tip: Blaine believes that to launch a business as a dating coach, you just need to focus on one marketing channel. Sharing free advice through Instagram reels worked for her. 

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook 

Website: https://www.datingbyblaine.com/ 

USP: Her forte lies in helping men learn the ins and outs of creating effective dating profiles and training them in the art of writing test messages to their dates. 

5. Megan Weks 

Coach profile: Megan is a certified relationship and dating coach helping successful, high-achieving women find love “in less than a year”. She is the creator of the ‘Manfunnel Method’, something she claims is a science that involves filling up the funnel with prospects and eliminating them through a process called ‘nexting’ until arriving at the chosen one. Her process has found coverage in leading media publications like Forbes, The New York Times, Fox5, and so on. She is also an author and speaker.  

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook 

Website: https://themanfunnel.com/ 

USP: Undoubtedly, Megan’s USP lies in the uniquely crafted Manfunnel Method that borrows a process used in sales and offers an alternative to ‘linear dating’ to find the Mr. Next.  

6. Lee Wilson 

Coach profile: Going by the name of Coach Lee, this relationship expert-cum-breakup coach helps men and women discover their most attractive selves to find success in love. He has a prolific presence in high-value circuits like TED, radio shows, news media like USA Today, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Reuters, etc. and social media. Besides coaching men and women, Lee has also lectured at several universities and assisted with a Ph.D. research project on relationships and the science of human attraction.  

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook 

Website: https://myexbackcoach.com/ 

USP: Lee specializes in helping people reunite with the one they love after a breakup or a separation. His services include providing an ‘emergency breakup kit’ for people wanting to get back with their ex after a breakup. 

7. Mark Rosenfeld 

Coach profile: Advertising himself as Australia’s number one dating and relationship breakthrough coach, Mark Rosenfeld helps career women find “authentic companionship”. Guiding career women toward find the men they deserve without feeling frustrated and exhausted with the entire process is his forte. He believes that women should stop “wasting time” dating the wrong men. His published works include the likes of “Make Him Yours: Beating the Odds of Modern Dating”. Featured in Elite Daily, The Good Men Project, etc., his video tutorials and articles are ready reckoners for women at their wits’ end in love. 

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook 

Website: https://makehimyours.com.au/ 

USP: His three-step strategy is a time-saving sure-fire way for women to filter out “Mr.Wrong” and find the most compatible partner. 

8. Evan Mark Katz 

Coach profile: Providing dating coaching services for “smart, strong, successful” women, Evan helps you unravel the secrets to finding lasting love. He claims that by watching the dating advice for 5 minutes a day and by joining his weekly dating coaching calls — in his Love U coaching program – women are sure to find confidence in their judgment when it comes to men. Along with providing dating services online, Evan is a dating advice coach who also shares his insights and tips through podcasts and blogs. 

Social footprint: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook 

Website: https://www.evanmarckatz.com/ 

USP: Evan’s Love U Pyramid of Love is a six-step process that enables women to find confidence, date the right men, understand them, and score high on relationships and commitments.  

9. Pratik Jain 

Coach profile: Pratik Jain is a dating coach in India offering his services to men in discovering and re-inventing themselves in dating and relationships. Over 5 years as a dating coach, Pratik has set the foundation of his coaching in something he terms as ‘reframing realities’ that sets into motion practical applications of how men should relate to oneself and women. The Indian dating coach offers various in-person and video coaching programs, and generally operates out of Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.  

Social footprint: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook,  

Website: https://wayofmen.in/  

USP: One of the handful of dating coaches in India, Pratik sends out a monthly newsletter called A Note to Men that helps his prospects and clients become ‘a compelling masculine man in the land of women’. 

In today’s fast-paced life, building meaningful and long-lasting relationships can sound straight out of a fairytale, which is why relationship coaches are becoming more popular. If you want to carve a niche as an online dating coach, dating mentor, or a professional dating consultant, these Instagram dating coaches with their best Instagram dating pages are worth following. Taking a leaf out of their books might take you a long way in your endeavor. 

Enhancing Coaching Skills in the Dating Sphere: A Guide for Professionals

For coaches aiming to refine their expertise in the dating domain, following seasoned dating coaches for men and women offers invaluable insights into men’s dating coach strategies, dating expert advice and dating coach services that are pivotal in navigating the complexities of modern relationships. 

By integrating knowledge from dating advisors and engaging with dating coach Instagram content, you can significantly enhance your approach and improve your Instagram marketing strategy. This not only broadens your toolkit but also ensures you remain at the forefront of coaching methodologies in the ever-evolving landscape of dating and relationships.

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1. How much does a dating coach cost?

The average fee of a dating coach is $300 per hour. However, a dating coach may even charge as much as $13,000 for his/her services.

2. Who is Rebecca Lynn Pope?

Rebecca Lynn Pope is a love coach from Atlanta. She is also a certified match maker.

3. How can I grow my following as a dating coach on Instagram?

Engage consistently with your audience through posts, stories, and live sessions. Share valuable content, including tips, success stories, and insights into the dating world. Collaborate with other coaches or influencers to expand your reach.

4. What makes a dating coach stand out on social media?

Unique, authentic content that resonates with your target audience, a strong personal brand, and the ability to communicate complex ideas in relatable ways. Highlighting success stories and testimonials can also build credibility.

5. How can I measure the impact of my coaching on social media?

Track engagement rates, follower growth, and direct feedback through comments or messages. Surveys and polls can also gauge audience interest and satisfaction with your content.

6. Can online courses and webinars be effective for dating coaches on Instagram?

Yes, they offer a way to provide more in-depth training and support than can be conveyed in short posts. They can also serve as a revenue stream while expanding your brand.

7. What are some common challenges dating coaches face on Instagram, and how can they overcome them?

Standing out in a crowded market requires a clear niche and unique voice. Consistently providing value and engaging with your audience can help build a loyal following. Staying updated with Instagram’s changing algorithms and features can also maximize your content’s reach.

8. How important is collaboration with other coaches or influencers?

Very. Collaborations can introduce you to new audiences, provide learning opportunities, and add variety to your content. It’s a powerful way to network and grow your presence on the platform.

9. What role does feedback play in developing a coaching strategy on Instagram?

Feedback is crucial for understanding what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. It helps in refining your approach, content, and services to better meet the needs of your followers.

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