15 Life Coaches to Follow on YouTube and Get Inspired By

15 Life Coaches to Follow on YouTube and Get Inspired By
August 9, 2022
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The basic intent of coaching is to help people on their road to self-discovery – identify obstacles, overcome fears, realize their true potential, find inspiration to perform better, develop viable plans, and execute them effectively to achieve desired goals.  

Life coaching is all this… and more. Primarily, it is about bridging the gap between current realities and future aspirations to fulfill objectives. A life coach is not someone who will impart readymade knowledge or advice, but someone who will hold their client’s hand to facilitate the process of evolving by tapping into their inner wisdom and making informed choices about their next course of action as they undertake a journey of self-awareness.  

Exploring the journey with a personal life coach can catalyze your road to self-discovery, overcoming obstacles and fears.

But how to find an experienced and inspirational life coach who will truly deliver a positive, transformative change –personal, professional, or both? ‘Where can I get a life coach?’ is a question that most people who are on the lookout for the services of a good life coach ask.  

And not just prospective clients, even professional life coaches themselves who are still finding their footing in the highly competitive coaching industry and even seasoned life coaches who wish to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of life coaching find themselves looking out for top-notch life coaches – with the intent of imbibing their philosophies, learn from their experience, and seek motivation from their success.  

Both clients and new coaches turn to find a life coach to bridge the gap between their current realities and future aspirations, turning to top life coaches for guidance.

Here’s where the internet comes in handy – one can find the best life coaches on YouTube at the click of a button! YouTube is not only a great resource to find content and in-demand life coaches or life coaching channels, but it is also a great learning opportunity for those life coaches who are looking to start their own YouTube channel and expand their reach.  We’ve made this search considerably easier and have compiled a list of 15 life coaches to follow on YouTube and get inspired by. Read on. 

1. Tony Robbins  

Tony Robbins, one of the best life coaches in the world, offers transformative insights, making him a famous life coach known for his motivational strategies. A man who wears many hats successfully, Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, a NY Times bestselling author (his latest book, LIFE FORCE: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life and Those You Love, was released in February 2022 and swept the #1 rankings on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists) and a philanthropist in addition to being a globally recognized life coach.

For over four decades, he has empowered more than 50 million people from 195 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars based on business and personal development.  

The channel has videos ranging from motivational life tips, live events, and interviews that cover topics from relationship advice, problem-solving tips, benefits of meditation, coaching advice to business growth, and more.  

Started in 2010, his YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers with over 46 million combined views. There are over 400 videos available on his channel for viewing. 

Check out Tony Robbins’ YT channel here

2. Shawnda  

Shawnda is a famous life coach with a popular YouTube channel known as ‘Life with Shawnda’ that mainly focuses on dating & relationships, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. Shawnda exemplifies personal development coaching, helping clients navigate dating and relationships.

An author of 3 books, ‘The Dating’, ‘Breaking the Man Code’ and ‘Getting Unstuck’, Shawnda also runs an advice column where her subscribers can send her letters seeking advice on various relationship or dating issues.  

Started in 2009, her YouTube channel has 124K subscribers with over 18 million combined views. There are over 1000 videos available on her channel for viewing! 

Check out Shawnda’s YT channel here

3. Corey Wayne  

As a personal growth coach, Corey Wayne’s advice on self-reliance and performance improvement showcases the impact of personal development coaches.

A very active member on his YouTube channel, Corey Wayne regularly posts videos (sometimes even 2 a day) that tackle a variety of subjects including relationship advice, work-life balance, how to overcome substance addiction, handling change & opportunities, ways to build your confidence, gun safety issues, money management and lots more.  

Started in 2011, his YouTube channel has 475K subscribers with over 190 million combined views. There are over 3000 videos available on his channel for viewing. 

Check out Corey Wayne’s YT channel here

4. Robin Sharma 

A globally celebrated leadership expert, philanthropist, and bestselling author of 15 books, Robin Sharma has been considered a top life coach for the past 25 years.

Many of his books have been international bestsellers including The Everyday Hero Manifesto, The 5 AM Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and Who Will Cry When You Die? With millions of copies sold in over ninety-two languages and dialects, Robin Sharma is one of the most widely read authors in the world.

An orator par excellence, his speeches are known to leave the audience spellbound while providing original insights about performance, team spirit, delivering results, organizational success, and much more.

His YouTube channel (started in 2008) is followed by over 911K subscribers with over 41 million combined views. There are over 400 videos available on his channel for viewing that cover a lot of subjects including leadership, productivity, self-improvement, willpower, emotional healing, growth advice, fitness, and lots more.

Check out Robin Sharma’s YT channel here

5. Lisa A Romano  

Lisa A Romano is a life coach and mentor specializing in helping individuals heal from co-dependency, narcissistic abuse, abandonment issues, emotional neglect, psychological invisibility, and more. Her coaching belief is that most dysfunctional relationships (with self or others) are the result of childhood trauma, brainwashing, or other related incidents.   

Bestselling Author of ‘The Road Back to Me’, Lisa was voted the #1 most influential person of 2020 by Digital Journal.  

Uploading new content mostly once a week, Lisa A Romano’s YouTube channel posts videos that deal with mental & emotional healing, self-love, handling narcissist relationships, overcoming emotional neglect, handling co-dependency issues, toxic parenting and its effect on children, and lots more.  

Started in 2009, her YouTube channel has 583K subscribers with over 60 million combined views. There are over 800 videos available on her channel for viewing.  

Check out Lisa A Romano’s YT channel here

6. Bernadette Logue  

Bernadette Logue is a popular transformation life coach who specializes in providing inspiration, motivation, and support for personal growth to her audience.  

Bernadette offers new perspectives and practical tips for mastering the mind, creating positive changes in life via small steps & bigger leaps, creating spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional balance, imbibing strength and resilience to deal with challenges gracefully, and leading balanced & prosperous lives.  

Her YouTube channel ‘The Daily Positive’ is well known for posting shorts (1-minute videos) that focus on personal growth, creating positive changes in life, personal transformation tips, and tools, daily inspirations, health & healing tips from experts, techniques to master the mind, dealing with life challenges, guided mediations, and more.  

Started in 2013, her YouTube channel has over 66K subscribers with over 7 million combined views.  

Check out Bernadette Logue’s YT channel here

7. Mel Robbins  

One of the sought-after speakers in the world, Mel Robbins is a lawyer, TV host, bestselling author, and one of the most popular motivational life coaches on YouTube. 

A highly inspiring life coach, Mel shares a lot of expert advice and tips on how to raise self-esteem, boost confidence, tackle anxieties, take control of your own life, overcome self-doubt, laziness, & mental block, and lots more on her YouTube channel.  

She’s fairly active on the platform, posting new content usually once in 2 days. Her philosophy of life coaching is that anyone can achieve their dreams no matter what stage of life they are at.  

Started in 2015, her YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers with over 76 million combined views. There are over 800 videos available on her channel for viewing.  

Check out Mel Robbin’s YT channel here

Asking insightful life coaching questions is an art…

…an art that you can learn easily with the help of our guide!

8. Aaron Doughty  

Aaron Doughty calls himself a spiritual life coach whose main focus is to maximize self-awareness and inner vibrations, encourage people to unlock their full potential by expanding their consciousness and bring about a positive change in their lives.  

His very popular YouTube channel is centered on spirituality and its transformative effects on people. An active YouTuber, Aaron posts videos (usually once in 2 days) that deal with increasing everyday awareness, self-confidence, the law of attraction, relationships, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, science, and more.  

Started in 2014, his YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers with over 126 million combined views. There are over 1,600 videos available on his channel for viewing.  

Check out Aaron Doughty’s YT channel here

9. Brendon Burchard  

Brendon Burchard, founder and lead coach of GrowthDay, is one of the best personal development coaches in the world. A New York Times bestselling author, Brendon has many book titles to his name including High Performance Habits, The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life’s Golden Ticket. 

Plenty of accolades from renowned global publications have come his way with Success Magazine naming him “one of the most watched, followed, and quoted personal development trainers in history”. Forbes calls Brendon Burchard “the world’s leading high-performance coach.” O, the Oprah Magazine, termed Brendon as “one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.”  

In addition to being the foremost personal development authority, Brendon is also an online education pioneer and has released over 20 personal development courses on topics like motivation and confidence by students in 190 countries. His podcast, The Brendon Show, debuted at #1 on iTunes across all categories and for five years has regularly been in the top 20 of the health/self-help category.  

His YouTube channel publishes a variety of life coaching videos on topics ranging from overcoming bad relationships, struggles with debts or careers, tools to develop better self-discipline, beneficial health habits, controlling emotions, how to re-invent your life, prioritizing your life segments, how to take accountability of your life, and much more.  

Started in 2007, his YouTube channel has 933K subscribers with over 115 million combined views. There are over 300 videos available on his channel for viewing.  

Check Brendon Burchard’s YT channel here

10. Lisa Bilyeu 

Lisa Bilyeu, the co-founder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory, is a highly popular YouTube life coach. Her mission is to empower women to recognize their talents, embrace their potential, and take charge of their own lives.  

Her YouTube channel ‘Women of Impact’, focuses on inspiring women who have succeeded against all odds, and overcome hardships to reach positions of authority.  

Her YouTube videos cover topics relevant to women such as avoiding unhealthy relationships, psychological & physical defense tips, overcoming insecurities, tips to raise confidence, controlling emotions, dealing with stress, and lots more.  

Started in 2018, her YouTube channel has over 700K subscribers with over 34 million combined views. There are over 200 videos available on her channel for viewing.  

Check Lisa Bilyeu’s YT channel here

11. Tom Bilyeu  

Co-founder of Impact theory (along with his wife Lisa Bilyeu who is considered one of the most popular life coaches herself), Tom Bilyeu provides valuable guidance on how to level up one’s mindset, develop leadership skills in business and in personal life, and live life to your full potential.  

Tom’s life coaching process is based on introducing the audience to ideas that will help them execute steps that they need to take in order to fulfill their goals.  

Dropping a couple of videos every Tuesday and Thursday on his YouTube channel, Tom posts inspirational content that includes interviews with health experts, elite entrepreneurs, athletes, and more. Covering a range of life topics, including ego, failure, deep values & liberation, beauty & ambition, prison, drugs, and lots more.  

Started in 2016, his YouTube channel has over 2.9 million subscribers with over 246 million combined views. There are over 800 videos available on his channel for viewing.  

Check Tom Bilyeu’s YT channel here

12. Eckhart Tolle 

A German spiritual teacher, bestselling self-help author, and a much sought-after life coach (especially in the wellness niche), Eckhart Tolle wears multiple hats with equal skill and expertise.  

An international bestseller, Eckhart Tolle was described by The New York Times as ‘the most popular spiritual author in the United States’. His books ‘The Power of Now and A New Earth’ have been translated into over 52 languages, with Watkins Review naming him ‘the most spiritually influential person in the world’! His profound teachings, focusing on awakening consciousness that transcends ego and discursive thinking, have helped innumerable people across the globe experience inner peace in their day-to-day lives. 

Posting new content approximately every 2 days, Eckhart Tolle’s YouTube videos cover many subjects including navigating unhappy relationships, meeting the present moment, teachings on inner spaciousness, how to enter different states of consciousness, practicing meditative listening, how to tap into creativity and get inspired and lots more.  

Started in 2008, his YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers with over 175 million combined views. There are over 450 videos available on his channel for viewing. 

Check Ekhart Tolle’s YT channel here.  

13. Aileen Xu 

Aileen Xu, the inspiring personality behind the popular YouTube channel ‘Lavendaire’, calls herself an ‘artist of life’ and is one of the best life coaches on YouTube. A TEDx speaker, Aileen has produced a workbook also titled ‘Artist of Life’.  

Her YouTube channel is a platform for learning about personal growth, lifestyle design, and living life with an open mind. She shares her knowledge and motivations for creating vibrant, loving lives.   

Posting new content weekly to her channel, Aileen talks about a multitude of topics including relationship fears, self-care, health routines, how to get motivated, accepting life changes, self-discovery & healing, overcoming productivity burnout, having honest conversations, relaxation sound therapy, cool lifestyle tips, and many more.  

Started in 2014, her YouTube channel has over 1.7 million subscribers with over 134 million combined views. There are over 600 videos available on her channel for viewing.

Check Aileen Xu’s YT channel here

14. Bob Proctor (of Proctor Gallagher Institute) 

Proctor Gallagher Institute, founded by the legendary Bob Proctor in collaboration with his brilliant business partner Sandy Gallagher, is considered to be the foremost authority on life coaching and business coaching.  

Bob Proctor (1934-2022), whose name was often equated with success, was America’s greatest prosperity teacher and a personal development guru. A world-renowned speaker, bestselling self-help author, and lecturer, Bob Proctor became famous through his association with the movie ‘The Secret’, New York Times bestselling book ‘You Were Born Rich’, his coaching programs, and LIVE events.  

The Proctor Gallagher Institute is focused on helping people understand how the mind works, its unlocked capacities, how to expand and develop the mind, and make people realize that real success comes from drawing the unique desires and interests, skills, and talents out of each person by developing the mental faculties to create fulfilling lives.  

Their YouTube channel posts content that deals with career transformations, relationships, overcoming fears, failures, & burnouts, personal epiphanies, inner awakenings, wealth creation, finding passion, and lots more.   

Started in 2008, the YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers with over 109 million combined views. There are over 700 videos available on this channel for viewing. 

Check Bob Proctor’s YT channel here

15. Evercoach by Mind Valley  

Evercoach by Mindvalley – founded by master life and business coach Ajit Nawalkha and entrepreneur, author, speaker, & activist Vishen Lakhiana – is a platform created by a coach for a coach. A wonderful venture that helps guide coaches on how to become a coach, create an impact as a coach, build a coaching business from scratch, and multiply their impact and income as an experienced coach.   

Posting new content every Thursday, the YouTube platform covers videos about principles of growing a coaching business, structuring coaching sessions, habits of most successful life coaches, career transitions, achieving money goals, creating a profitable coaching business, best business opportunities, what not to do as a coach, life coaching for relationships, group coaching tips & tools for delivering powerful coaching sessions, and plenty more.  

Started in 2014, this YouTube channel has over 96K subscribers with over 4 million combined views. There are over 400 videos available on this channel for viewing.  

Check the Evercoach YT channel here

These lifestyle coaches and motivational coaches, including the best life coach in India and other parts of the world, leverage YouTube to share their expertise, making it easier than ever to access personal coaching.

Watching content from these inspirational and famous life coaches, learning their coaching techniques and processes, getting motivated by their success stories, and most importantly grasping how they are leveraging the vast reach and opportunity of the YouTube platform to grow their coaching business are some of the benefits that coaches, especially those who are just starting out, can definitely be insightful. 

Do take out time to imbibe these effective tips from some of the best life coaches on YouTube for building your own successful coaching business.   


1. How to be an effective life coach? 

A life coach is a person who helps people work out their problems (personal or professional), improve their lives, and achieve their goals. To be an effective life coach, the individual must choose their life coaching niche, get the best training & credentials, understand the intricacies of the life coaching business, develop a broad & unique coaching vision, understand the target client’s requirements, design life coaching packages that align with client needs and solve specific issues, establish a strong online presence to expand reach, and aggressively promote the life coaching business to gain more clientele.  

2. Who is the best life coach in the world? 

Zeroing in on just one name will be impossible as there are a number of top-notch life coaches who have left a great impact on the life coaching industry. Some of the internationally acclaimed famous life coaches in the world include Esther Perel, Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Michael Neill, Marisa Peer, Christine Hassler, Jason Goldberg, Rich Litvin, Ajit Nawalkha, Alyse Parker, Nora Dekeseyer, Rebecca Lynn Pope, Eva Redpath, among others.  

3. What types of content do life coaches share on YouTube?

Life coaches share a range of content including personal life coaching tips, motivational speeches, practical life strategies, and personal development advice, catering to diverse needs from lifestyle coaching to personal growth.

4. Are there any specific life coaches on YouTube who are particularly popular or recommended?

Yes, famous life coaches like Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins are highly recommended for their impactful personal development coaching. For those in India, seeking the best life coach in India might yield localized advice.

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