The Ultimate Guide To Asking Powerful Life Coaching Questions

The Ultimate Guide to Asking Powerful Life Coaching Questions

Asking life coaching questions that steer the client towards growth is a science & art that needs to be cultivated. Lucky for you, this guide shows you how to do exactly that!

What’s in the Guide?

The ‘Ultimate Guide to Asking Powerful Life Coaching Questions’ is a nifty little guidebook you’re going to want to keep handy at all times. Right from diving into the importance of asking questions to crafting questions that leave a lasting impact on the client, we examine it all.

Once you are done with this guide, you will be left with a nuanced understanding of the many elements that make for a superior coaching experience, the major filters through which you can approach questioning, and how to – eventually – reach a level when you can just let your intuition guide you in coaching sessions.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect inside:

What is the art & role of questions in coaching?

Understand the nuances of what makes for a good coaching engagement and where questioning comes in to enable outcomes and actions that the client desires.

Core competencies of coaching

How do ICF & EMCC approach questioning as part of their respective Core Competencies? We dug deep and extracted just what you need to know.

The 5Cs of good life coaching questions

To guide clients from point A to point B, you must ensure that your questions include the 5Cs that make for holistic questioning. Additionally, we also touch upon 10 different types of questions suitable for varying situations in a coaching session.

The do’s & don’ts that can make or break the experience

While there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ question, this list will give you a broad understanding of how to help your client unpack & uncover better, while steering them in the right direction.

Three question frameworks you need to know about

We show you how to approach questioning according to different stages, sessions, and situations of coaching – all with the help of the TGROW model!

Bonus! A functional worksheet to test your questioning capabilities

Time to put it all to test! Utilise this practical exercise where you get to apply all your learnings from the guide, so that you are ready to ace your next coaching engagement.

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