5 Life Coach Podcasts That You Can’t Miss

January 24, 2023
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They say learning never ends. In the field of coaching, this definitely stands true, not only for the client but for the coach as well. Without continued learning, the trajectory of growth can get stunted and thus, it is important for coaches to continuously invest in upgrading skills and knowledge to be able to show up for clients and make way for sustainable transformation.  

Reading articles, books, and research papers is one way to invest in yourself without spending the big bucks. In this day & age, a podcast is another form of consuming content that can enable knowledge upgradation in a super convenient manner – while driving, cooking, walking, or relaxing. We’ve curated a list of 5 life coach podcasts for you to explore, learn, and gain delightful insights and inspiration from to apply to your own coaching practice. 

1. Coaching Real Leaders 

The Coaching Real Leaders podcast takes you inside real-life coaching sessions with high performers who are aiming to overcome challenges and grow as leaders. The coaching podcast happens often in a conversation style between long-time Leadership Coach Muriel Wilkins and coaches and guests he brings on to share their experience and wisdom – all of which are filled with rich insights and practical guidance that can help you better yourself as a leadership coach and gain ideas and inspiration for when you are coaching leaders through similar problems. 

The podcast covers a range of topics such as: how to lead authentically, transitioning from corporate leadership roles to entrepreneurship, getting promoted when odds are stacked against you, adapting leadership styles as your team grows, navigating a new senior role, and so much more. 

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2. Coaches on Zoom Drinking Coffee 

One of the best life coach podcast, it is literally what the title suggests – coaches on Zoom drinking coffee…and talking! It is led by Founder & CEO of coaching.com Alex Pascal, who hosts some top-notch minds in the field of leadership, coaching, and more. As you listen to the podcast, you can expect to get a much clearer and deeper understanding of coaching concepts and the business of coaching from coaches who’ve been there, done that. This conversation-style podcast touches upon topics ranging from coaching with compassion, the importance of listening to silence, finding your purpose, assessing coaching engagements, and lots more! 

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3. Jereshia Said 

This business coaching podcast by Business Growth Coach Jereshia Hawk helps coaches engineer a sustainable coaching business with a rock-solid organic marketing strategy, a proven curriculum based on experience and expertise, and note-worthy client results. 

Each episode in Jereshia Said dives into one core growth strategy that can help a coach gain a solid understanding of what’s required to ethically design, launch, and scale their coaching program.  

You can expect topics such as: managing client expectations in group coaching programs, transitioning from 1:1 to group coaching, overcoming fear of success, understanding your entrepreneurial archetype, types of content to create for your coaching business. 

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4. Life Coach School 

Are you in the field of life coaching? The Life Coach School led by Master Coach Brooke Castillo is aimed to be your go-to resource for learning, growing, and getting certified as a life coach. This life coach podcast is good if you wish to know how to become a life coach – to better understand the field and what comes with it, the required skills and mindsets you need to cultivate, how you can focus on serving the client to get them the results they seek. 

Brooke Castillo also sometimes brings in guest coaches to share their wisdom on the expertise they have and covers a whole variety of topics from money mindset, doubling your business, romantic relationships, and more. 

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5. Coaches Rising 

In the Coaches Rising podcast you can find tools, tips, and teachings from a diverse mix of expert coaches from all around the world. The podcast is hosted by Joel Monk who is a coach and the co-founder of Coaches Rising.  

As you explore the podcast, you will find incredibly insightful conversations about a whole range of topics such as: coaching during a global cultural shift; helping clients cultivate resilience; the role of desire in habit creation; the coaching-therapy divide and when to refer clients; deep coaching; what horses can teach us about leading and coaching; how the natural sciences can transform coaching; ontological coaching; the power of presence; encountering trauma in coaching…and lots more! 

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1. What are some of the best podcast recommendations?  

Some of the popular coaching podcasts that provide value in different ways include: Coaches Rising, Jereshia Said, Coaches on Zoom Drinking Coffee, Coaching Real Leaders, Life Coach School, Excellent Executive Coaching, and the Art of Coaching. 

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