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January 17, 2023
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With the coaching industry thriving, the urgency for coaching companies to stay abreast of industry trends and expanding clientele has never been more critical. However, coaching is also a business, necessitating attention to administrative, financial, marketing, sales, and other tasks. As the business escalates, it becomes impractical for a coach to dedicate valuable efforts to these non-coaching tasks while still delivering an effective coaching experience to their clients.

This is where online coaching platforms step in as a viable solution for a coaching company. Equipped with features that automate multiple coaching and business-level tasks (from digitized assessments to scheduling, booking, invoicing, client contracts, creating programs, group coaching, analytics, and more), a virtual coaching platform can help coaches boost their clientele, grow their business and revenues without compromising on the coaching quality.

Here are 10 outstanding virtual coaching platforms that will help you run your business frictionlessly: 

1. Simply.Coach 

Of course, we’re going to start our list with Simply.Coach! Not to toot our own horn, but we are one of the highest-rated coaching management softwares in the market for life, leadership, business, and executive coaches alike. Offering a fully automated online coaching software not just to independent coaches but also to coaching businesses, this user-friendly coaching management platform essentially helps manage the entire coach-client relationship under one roof for both one-on-one coaching and group/team coaching. 

USP: Simply.Coach is a comprehensive coaching management software that combines client & business management tools with digital coaching tools as well as sales and marketing features in a seamless manner to help independent coaches, as well as multi-coach organizations, give their clients an all-round coaching experience as well as help themselves run successful coaching companies.

Main Features: Simply Coach, a complete virtual coaching platform, offers a wide range of specially designed features from scheduling to note-taking, invoicing to payments, coach matching to coaching program creation and more,.making it one of the best online coaching platforms for those seeking to enhance their capabilities.

  • Client management – goal management & progress tracking, action plans, client workspaces for a collaborative coaching experience, fully customizable digital coaching tools & surveys, content repositories, nudges to increase client accountability, automatically generated reports, stakeholder integration, and team coaching functionalities 
  • Business management – Journeys (a flexible and customizable feature that enables the coach to map his/her coaching approach onto a reusable program template which can be repeated with personalization to suit each client), automated invoicing and payments with a Stripe integration, embedded video conferencing, client coaching log for certification, and more 
  • Marketing – Showcase Page (a coach website with calendar integration that allows clients to schedule sessions), email integration, LinkedIn integration 
  • Sales – Subscriptions & session packages, prospect management, contact management 

2. Satori 

Designed especially for one-to-one coaching, Satori stands out among online coaching softwares, letting users automate a host of administrative tasks essential to business but potentially distracting from core coaching activities.

Main Features: atori’s suite of features positions it as a versatile coaching platform for individuals and groups, underscoring its utility in the coaching marketplace for customized coaching experiences.

3. Nudge Coach  

Nudge Coach is designed for coaches (especially health, fitness, wellness, and life coaches) to create a custom app to engage with clients via personalized messages. When the business grows, it can be easily scaled to reach a larger audience. This makes it an ideal virtual coaching platform for increasing client accountability. 

Nudge Coach is distinguished among health and wellness coaching platforms, offering personalized client engagement through a custom app, showcasing the evolution of online coaching companies towards more interactive and client-centered services.

Main Features: The coaching and mentoring app offers client tracking for easy accountability, client messaging – individual, groups or communities, daily and weekly goals setting, advanced program scheduling, segmenting of client lists, and management of community interactions. In addition, Nudge Coach also offers third-party integration with websites, emails, and other services, 24*7 support, and helpful tools to monitor health & weight. 

4. Delenta 

An all-in-one virtual coaching platform for the coaching business, Delenta is fully loaded. A customizable platform that lets coaches tailor it to suit their requirements, Delenta offers fully integrated tracking metrics, goal setting, and connectivity with other users among a host of other tools and resources. Delenta stands out among business coaching softwares, offering an expansive suite of features tailored for comprehensive coaching and leadership development.

Main Features: White labelled software that lets the coach add a distinctly branded template (logo, colours, email, content, messages, etc.), create online courses, automate client management for increased productivity, schedule sessions via an in-built calendar and booking system, create a customized landing page, accept payments with payment integration, and create and sell coaching packages. It’s recognized as one of the best online coaching platforms for those who prioritize customization and brand consistency.

You can automate invoicing and payment tracking with Simply.coach as well! Find out more about it here.

5. Coach Accountable  

Coach Accountable is an online coaching software that offers a range of tools and resources that takes care of the admin side of the coaching company. This platform is a favorite among coaching platforms for its efficiency in managing the administrative aspects of coaching, freeing up coaches to focus more on client development.

Main Features: A mobile app for managing the business on the go, client scheduling, invoicing and payment integration with Stripe, PayPal & Square, an easy-to-buy format for selling coaching packages directly from the user website, easy management of client engagements and coaching packages, client contracts & agreements, automated assessments, forms, courses & progress tracking, session notes, worksheets, group coaching, drip delivery of course material, chat support, etc.  

The best virtual coaching platforms don’t just offer coaches a plethora of features, tools, and resources, they offer them an effective channel to connect with their clients. Different coaches will have different requirements, and although the 10 coaching platforms listed here are top-notch, they do offer different benefits that meet different needs. If you’re in the midst of extensive platform research, check them out thoroughly to make an informed decision on the top coaching platforms for your coaching company! 

6. Noomii  

A coaching marketplace, Noomii helps coaches list their coaching services and run the coaching business, and helps clients find the right coach for their specific needs.  As an effective coaching marketplace, Noomii bridges the gap between skilled coaches and prospective clients, making it a pivotal platform in the landscape of online coaching companies.

For coaches looking to get their coaching practice registered on Noomii, they have to follow the onboarding process that includes a call from Noomii for getting approved and a recorded video that will be used in the coach profile. After these steps are completed, Noomii will list the coach in their database.  Clients can get in touch with coaches they deem fit via messages to schedule a free consultation. However, a coach looking for complete business and client management will need to combine Noomii with another fully-integrated coaching platform. 

Main Features: This platform exemplifies the collaborative potential within the coaching and leadership development ecosystem.

You can check how you can manage leads and prospects on Simply.Coach here.

7. Paperbell  

Paperbell is an online coaching software that addresses admin & business tasks that are important to the coaching company for growth. It also lets the user create customized coaching packages that clients can buy, collate client data in one place, provide easy booking, and more. Paperbell is recognized for its streamlined approach to business management within the realm of coaching management platforms, emphasizing efficiency and client service.

Main Features: In spite of not providing assessment metrics or in-depth goal tracking, Paperbell does offer its users a host of features including a centralized client dashboard that manages coaching packages, contracts, billings, scheduling, client admin, selling & delivering digital products, coaching resources such as eBooks, guides, journals & checklists, and online payment. It also offers group coaching features. With its focused functionalities, Paperbell secures its place among the best coaching platforms for administrative excellence.

Curious to see how Paperbell fares against Simply.Coach? We’ve done the research for you! Click here to know more.

8. Kajabi 

A professional virtual coaching platform that gives its users a comprehensive marketing funnel, Kajabi helps you find the right type of clients, boost sales and expand your business. Kajabi also lets coaches create and host landing pages as well as build online courses. Kajabi distinguishes itself as a executive coaching software by providing extensive marketing and content creation tools.

Main Features: A user-friendly website builder, built-in sales & marketing features, creating & selling online courses, development of content, podcast & coaching programs, built-in customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, payment integration with Stripe & PayPal, extensive training resources that enable coaches to share their knowledge and develop client communities. Kajabi is renowned among online coaching softwares for its robust marketing capabilities and comprehensive client engagement tools.

9. Thinkific  

Thinkific is a virtual coaching platform that helps build, market & sell online courses and coaching programs. It’s celebrated as one of the best online coaching platforms for educators and coaches focused on delivering high-quality educational content.

Main Features: Custom website themes & domains, a full suite of business tools designed to manage and sell courses & coaching programs, integration with PayPal and Stripe payment gateways, marketing options such as selling through affiliates, live sessions and events, drip scheduling, quizzes & assignments and lots more. Thinkific’s rich feature set places it at the forefront of platforms offering coaching and leadership development opportunities.

10. Mighty Networks  

As a coach, this can well be your go-to coaching platform online for creating flourishing client communities. Mighty Networks, a white label community software that gives the user the option to rebrand and customize their platform, offers an all-in-one experience for its users from creating attractive courses, group coaching, developing and selling coaching packages, providing accessibility to clients from anywhere via their user-friendly app, etc. Mighty Networks excels as a leadership coaching platform, fostering community and engagement among clients.

USP: It lets the user build (and charge a fee to) a sub-community for main groups that are operational, schedule sessions. In short, it lets the user/coach deliver quality services either combined via the main community or separately to sub-communities.   

Main Features: Create personalized landing and sales pages, unique activity feed for each member from their main community as well as from courses and groups they join, easy functionality for hosting group sessions, drag and drop interface to create and manage courses easily, hassle-free payments, goal tracking, IP protection, Live sessions & Q&A for group members, rewards for members for new client referrals via Ambassador program and more. Mighty Networks is recognized among coaching platforms for its comprehensive approach to community engagement and coaching delivery.


1. What are the benefits of using an online coaching software?  

Online coaching software, or virtual coaching platform, allows the coach to use automated tools to manage day-to-day tasks, coordinate with clients, and scale the business, so they can focus on the actual coaching. With most all-round coaching platforms, you get access to features that help you manage goals & progress tracking, scheduling, contracts, invoicing & payments, reporting & feedback at a single click. In addition, most platforms offer a host of features that digitize and automate different functions and offer different forms of benefits (including white labelling). Some platforms also provide client workspaces, so the coach-client relationship can be more collaborative all on one platform.

2. Can coaching platforms integrate with other tools and software solutions that online coaching companies use?

An effective coaching platform should ideally provide an integration with other widely used software solutions and tools that coaching companies use in general. For instance, Simply.Coach provides the option of integration with several video conferencing tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, payment collecting mode such as Stripe. This makes a platform truly inclusive, efficient, and worth considering.

3. What platforms do online coaches use?

Coaches use online coaching management platforms that help them automate the repetitive admin work and streamline their coaching business. Some of the top coaching management platforms are:

  1. Simply.Coach
  2. Satori
  3. Nudge Coach
  4. Delenta
  5. Coach Accountable
  6. Noomii
  7. Paperbell
  8. Kajabi
  9. Thinkific
  10. Mighty Networks

4. Should life coaches use HIPAA-compliant online coaching platforms?

Using a HIPAA-compliant online coaching software is a good cyber hygiene practice that life coaches should maintain to protect confidential health related information of their clients.

5. How do I create an effective online life coaching program?

Why are some life coaches highly sought-after and some struggle to acquire a loyal client base? There are a number of reasons behind this disbalance and one of them is the inability to design an effective life coaching program. Here’re a few steps that would help you come up with a sure-fire plan:

  1. Identify your target audience & their pain points
  2. Create a blue-print of what pain point you want to address & how
  3. Validate your idea by pre-selling it to selective clients
  4. Set clear expectations
  5. Zero in on a program type: one-to-one or group
  6. Create a solid & relevant pre-program coaching content
  7. Choose a suitable online coaching platform
  8. Design an effective pricing strategy
  9. Market your brand well

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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We're committed to your privacy. Simply.Coach uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.