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January 14, 2022
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Be it in life or career, timing is everything. Recognizing and then embracing your moment when it presents itself can change the very path of your life, professional or personal. Once you have immersed yourself into this thriving business of professional coaching, optimum time, resource and energy management is vital to your long-term success.

By definition, coaching involves supporting or guiding individuals (or a group of individuals) on their path to self-discovery – encouraging them to identify & face their issues, steering them towards and helping draw out a framework to find solutions, fixing accountability for achieving set targets – all aimed at delivering specific transformative results.

But any individual who has spent some time coaching (even if for a short while) will tell you that reality often diverges from this idealistic scenario. Instead of channeling all their energy and resources into delivering transformative results for their clients, many coaches find themselves saddled with the administrative, sales & marketing tasks of keeping their business running.

“Have those new clients’ payments come through?”

“Is there an issue with scheduling?”

“Have I double-booked?”

“Oh no, did I forget to send out reminders for session timing changes?”

“Why do we seem to be not attracting more clients?”

“Why are our volumes lower than the competition when we offer much better packages?”

Believe us, these are daily distractions that a coach can definitely do without. Even if all these additional aspects do not completely go away, there are definitely ways to keep them to a bare minimum,

Simply.Coach is one such solution – an all in one online coaching software that takes care of all your other peripherals and lets you focus on your core job, which is to…simply coach!

What is Simply.Coach?

Simply.Coach is a comprehensive online coaching software that offers specially designed features, such as client management, business management, sales & marketing support and more, all under a single platform, that makes life easy for coaches, coaching businesses as well as enterprises, by helping them run an efficient coaching venture, deliver quantifiable & visible results for clients and grow their business by harnessing the power of technology.

To know more, click here.

What does Simply.Coach offer?

Well frankly, everything that a coach could need – it is, after all, a coaching management software for coaches!

Whether you are a life coach or a business coach or have a coaching business with several other coaches, your job is not to teach but guide clients to gain insights about themselves, understand the current reality and projected future and take steps to bridge that gap while tapping into hidden potential to maximize skillsets and help them become better versions of themselves.

Just as this is a systematic method of delivering the best coaching experience to a client, there ideally should be a manner of running a coaching business as well in an organized and streamlined manner.

Simply.Coach is a complete online coaching software that provides various tools to coaches and coaching businesses that take care of several organizational & managerial tasks and frees up time and resources for them to focus solely on serving their clients with the very best coaching experience.

This online coaching management software offers an array of specially designed features that helps keep track of the entire coaching engagement and keeps both the coach and client aligned to where the coaching journey is. Here’s a quick overview of all the features offered by Simply.Coach:

Client Management

Simply.Coach lets the coach partner with the client to manage the client’s goals and progress all from a single platform. The coaching management software lets the coach get insights into their client strengths and limitations, chart mutually agreed upon developmental plans & goals, put those goals into actionable plans and set up accountability to ensure the client gets their desired reality. With the help of the platform, a coach is able to gain regular insights about client growth and manage multiple aspects related to the sessions to create a lasting experience. This life coaching software also enables the coach to collaborate more effectively with their clients via Shared Space – where the clients are able to share their thoughts as well as access content shared by the coach and remain accountable. The coach is also able to easily access coaching tools and forms, receive automatically generated reports of impact, ROI and overall progress and much more. All these features are available at the client dashboard.

To find out more about Simply.Coach’s client management feature, click here.

Here’s a brief lowdown on everything that it includes:

1. Nudges

It’s all well and good having a terrific action plan to attain the goals a client has set out for themselves, but an action plan is only good as long as it’s actually being acted upon. Simply.Coach’s Nudges is a smart, automated, and time-based feature to help remind clients to complete their agreed-upon tasks within the set time and note down their progress; it also allows coaches to follow up on a client’s progress by having an automated process that frees up time and space from having to manually do everything.

Learn more about Nudges here.

2. Stakeholders

Simply.Coach is not just an online coaching software for coaches and coaching business – it also allows external stakeholders (sponsors, managers, peers, HR, etc.) to be added to the platform, at no extra cost, allowing the coach can share the client’s development reports with those stakeholders, keep them in the loop and to also enable the client to gain an outside-in perspective on the on-going coaching process, without breaching any of the client’s confidential information.

Learn all about Stakeholder integration here.

3. Digital Tools

All coaches employ their own set of tools & techniques to deliver a truly impactful coaching program. After all, these frameworks are the foundation on which the success of a coaching program rests upon.

Simply.Coach comes pre-loaded with a set of coaching tools that lets the coach replicate it as is for the client or customize it to send online surveys, feedback exercises, assessment forms, and templates to their clients and capture & maintain responses all in one place. Simply.Coach also lets the coach share this content with their clients, via nudges, so that clients are reminded to complete those exercises on time.

Simply.Coach’s digital tools repository lets the coach choose from several ready-to-use templates, such as Coaching Intent form, 360º Feedback & Summary, Mid-Engagement Review, Completion Report, and Impact Assessment, all of which can be customized as per every client’s needs.

The online coaching software also automatically collates responses and data into perceptive reports that can be shared with clients and stakeholders.

Learn all about Simply.Coach’s Digital Tools feature here.

4. Journeys

Simply.Coach’s Journeys is a flexible and customizable feature that enables the coach to map out their unique coaching methodology onto a reusable program template that can be repeated for all their clients, with the ability to personalize and customize.

For instance, a coach conducting a coaching program using the Journeys feature can map out the number of sessions, action plans for clients, content and digital tools to be shared as per stage of coaching journey, nudges for upcoming sessions, and more. The Journey Builder feature helps the coach ensure consistency, quality and professionalism, and importantly enables the coach to scale their practice.

Learn all about Simply.Coach Journeys feature here

Business Management

Managing the business side of the coaching process can take a lot of valuable time and energy away from the primary job of a coach. Simply.Coach business coaching management software reduces all the manual burden by automating many of the minor (and major) background details that help run the business.

The embedded Video Conferencing module integrates multiple video-calling apps (Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams) for uninterrupted, seamless online sessions without juggling between multiple windows. And the integrated calendar lets the coach book sessions with their clients without needing to go to an external scheduling platform.

Learn more about business management feature here.

1. Contracts & Invoicing

Other vital segments of the business aspect of the coaching process are the financial and legal areas which can be quite tiresome and exhausting to work through. Simply.Coach offers automated contracts that can be created from ready-to-use templates. Coaches can save every client’s contract on their respective profiles.

With automated invoicing, coaches can automatically generate & store invoices, send reminders for payments, and more enabling them to save precious time and streamline payments.

Learn more about automated contracts & invoicing here.


The bottom line for every business is to maximize their sales and earn a profit. Coaching is like any other venture where the coach/coaching business are looking to increase their volumes by attracting new clients to boost growth & revenues.

Learn all the details of Simply.Coach’s Sales module here.

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1. Contact management

Simply.Coach’s contact management module allows the coach to store all their contacts (with their professional details) under a single, easy-to-follow repository.

2. Prospect management

Regular tracking & nurturing of prospective clients is vital to widening your clientele. Simply.Coach’s automated tools can tap into clients (from the Coach Showcase page) who have shown interest in the coaching packages, list them as prospects in order to schedule regular follow ups, inform them about the sales process and more – all to help with conversions.

Learn more here

3. Subscriptions & session packages

In order to have a continuous flow of clients means having attractive packages that can clients will be interested in and have easy access to. Simply.Coach software lets the coach create ready-to-view session packages, integrated with a payment gateway, which clients can buy or subscribe to. 


With the constant barrage of adverting surrounding any online medium, we live in the ‘have it, flaunt it’ era. Promoting your product for the world to see, on repeat, is essential for building up your brand in the market. Simply.Coach’s marketing module is ideally designed to help coaches and coaching businesses boost their business and enhance their brand value.

Click here to know all the details of Simply.Coach’s marketing module.

1. Showcase page

With businesses today being largely conducted online, having a robust online presence (in the form of a website) is a must to stay in the game. But building a bespoke website is a fairly lengthy and pricey process. With Simply.Coach’s Showcase page, coaches get their very own customized & branded landing page that displays their credentials, experience, past clients’ testimonials, success stories and more. In addition to that, the page also acts as a lead generation tool with a built-in contact form and appointment scheduling where potential clients can get in touch with the coach easily.

Learn all about Simply.Coach’s showcase page here.

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2. Email integration

Email marketing or sending mailers to prospective clients with your current coaching programs, blog posts or even success stories can help your visibility with clients – past, present and future.

Simply.Coach’s email integration lets the coach send out emails to multiple contacts at one go, create customized email templates that can be re-used, schedule when emails can go out, analyze whether emails are effectively engaging clients and more. It is a great tool to build professional relations as well as earn referrals.

Find out all about Simply.Coach email integration here.

3. LinkedIn integration

Staying active among your work associates, via the world’s largest professional networking platform – LinkedIn – can only boost business prospects. Simply.Coach’s LinkedIn integration allows the coach to keep on top of the latest trends in their segment, plan posts and be alerted about potential clients. 

Other Functionalities

1. Multi-device accessibility

With the world moving with a single touch of a gadget, Simply.Coach is an online coaching platform that can be accessed anytime and from any device (web +mobile), by both the coach and client, without the need for any installation or configuration.

2. 24-hour support

Continuous and prompt customer support is the key to engaging and retaining clients. It says that we are here to answer and solve any queries or problems that you may face. Simply.Coach’s 24-hour client support, via chat and email, is here to help clients with quick queries & issue resolutions.

3. Data confidentiality & multi-tiered security

A coaching business runs on the trust of the clients. They are entrusting their most private details to the coach. Naturally, it is the responsibility of the coach/coaching business to ensure complete data security of their client’s information. Simply.Coach offers complete confidentiality of their clients’ data, notes, documents, conversations etc., with the help of a multi-tiered data security model for maximum data protection.

4. Pricing

Smart pricing is the backbone of a successful venture. At Simply.Coach we have something for everyone.

Check out all our bestselling package for independent coaches here.

Check out all our bestselling package for Coaching business here.

Who is Simply.Coach for?

Simply.Coach is an online coaching software that caters to everyone, whether they are independent coaches, coaching businesses or even coaching enterprises.

1. Individual Coaches

With a fully digitized coaching process, individual coaches can concentrate on coaching and let the coaching management software do all their background work for them. With Simply.Coach’s end-to-end digital software, independent coaches can save time and energy, provide top-quality coaching programs, be easily reachable to prospective clients and scale their business.

Learn how Simply.Coach can benefit independent coaches here.

2. Coaching Businesses

Coaching businesses can use the Simply.Coach online coaching management software, complete with specially designed, automated & customizable features, to run their entire coaching operations smoothly. The Simply.Coach platform helps coaching businesses provide regular updates on all corporate accounts and coaching engagements, automates the entire process of coach onboarding, client allocation, contracts & invoicing to save valuable time and resources.

Learn how Simply.Coach can benefit coaching businesses here.

3. Coaching Enterprises

For companies running large-scale leadership development programs, Simply.Coach helps create an integrated coaching & training experience to drive maximum impact. Coaches can use the platform to collaborate with coachees on both an individual as well as program level, foster accountability as well as track and manage sessions, and include all stakeholders into the coaching process with ease, wherever relevant. Coaches can conduct successful engagements by integrating enterprise calendaring (Google, Office 365, etc.) and conferencing tools (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.). Most importantly, Simply.Coach allows the coach to track progress and discover growth patterns of coachees over time, individually as well as collectively, thus helping the coachees and enterprise at large have a much greater chance at successfully achieving their goals. And with its multi-tiered data security model, enterprises can be rest assured that all their engagement & communication over the platform stays completely secure and confidential!

Simply.Coach is a comprehensive, automated, online coaching management software that facilitates ease of business and boosts client volumes and revenue for both independent coaches as well as coaching businesses and enterprises. The ultimate purpose for Simply.Coach is to use advanced technology to simplify the coaching process for the coach as well as the client.

If you’d like to know more about how Simply.Coach can benefit your enterprise, please get in touch with us. Alternateively, you can check out the customer reviews for Simply.Coach to find out what’s the real deal!


1. What is Coach Showcase? 

Coach Showcase is like a coach’s own personal landing page with customized branding where your existing and prospective clients can book sessions. Coach Showcase also helps the coach build their web presence in a matter of mins, whereby potential clients can learn more their credentials, check out client testimonials, and contact the coach for queries as well as book sessions.

You can get more details here.

2. Can my client also use Simply.Coach?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we highly recommend it. Simply.Coach is an online coaching software that offers a built-in client workspace where they can share their thoughts as well as access content repositories. The coach just has to invite the client to Simply.Coach and they can join immediately without any additional costs.

Learn more here.

3. How does Simply.Coach ensure the security and privacy of client information?

Simply.Coach is the most secure digital coaching software to manage your business which follows the tenets of ‘Security by Design’. Simply.Coach is the only digital coaching platform that is HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC2-compliant and is backed with robust data security and privacy practices that form an integral part of the product engineering and service delivery principles.

4. What level of support does Simply.Coach offer?

Receiver of “High Performer Overall” & “High Performer for Small Businesses” badges on G2, Simply.Coach is undoubtedly the best digital partner for your coaching business. The platform offers start-to-finish support to all your coaching endeavors/ sessions and helps automate the admin side of the business so that you can focus more on engagements, interactions, outcomes & growth. It offers client management features like “goal & development planning”, “action plan”, “nudges”, “stakeholder integration” & many more. These features help save time, deliver transformative results & create lasting client experience. The business management features incorporated in the coaching software are “journey”, “invoicing & payments”, email integration”, “showcase page”, etc. that helps automate the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes processes of running the business.

5. Does Simply.Coach support mobile devices?

Yes, Simply.Coach supports mobile devices. It has a mobile app both on Android & AppleiOS platforms. The web platform also works seamlessly on your mobile device. However, the mobile app is only for clients.

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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We're committed to your privacy. Simply.Coach uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.