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Simply.Coach digitizes each step of coaching, so you can save time, drive higher impact for clients, and focus on scaling your business

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Simply.Coach is the world's most secure coaching management platform

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"I need a way to expand my reach and find newer coaching clientele"

Simply.Coach makes it easy for prospective clients to find you and for you to reach out to your network at a click.


"The current economic climate is really affecting business"

With Simply.Coach, you can put up online packages for purchase, reach out to all your clients and prospective clients, and predict future revenue.

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"I take notes in a diary, schedule sessions on Calendar and share material via mail - I feel disorganised!"

Simply.Coach takes the entire client journey online so you create a beautiful, cohesive experience for clients – track goals, get stakeholder feedback, manage client progress, integrate all your calendars and create a digital resource library.

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"Sometimes I feel like I spend more time running the business than coaching"

With Simply.Coach you can create contracts and manage invoicing, automate progress tracking, create a digital resource library and even count coaching hours toward certification

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We’re always looking to make things easier on our coaches – technology is here to simplify, not overcomplicate!

Whether you use Google, Office 365, Zoom or Teams, our seamless integrations make it easy for you to make Simply.Coach a part of your day.

And if you don’t see a platform that you use, feel free to reach out and we can make it happen for you!

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