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Get started with the world’s most secure coaching management platform yet!
3 Reasons Why Users Prefer Simply.Coach Over Paperbell
Customizable Coaching Tools

With Simply.Coach, you can make your own feedback forms and surveys from scratch, or edit existing templates to tailor them to your requirements. Paperbell offers a very basic survey option, but lacks on nuances like easy to edit templates and data collation.

Collaborate With Ease

Whether it be associate coaches, program managers or an administrator, everyone can collaborate and work seamlessly together with Simply.Coach’s different user roles. Share access to different levels of data as per your choice with colleagues.

Cost Effective

Pay for what you need. Unlike Paperbell, Simply.Coach has a variety of different pricing plans to help you choose the best subscription for your scale. Individual plans start as low as $9/month, in comparison to Paperbell’s $40/month.

Here are some key differences between features of Simply.Coach and Paperbell:
Made for
Individual Coaches Coaches
$47/ Month Starts at $9/ Month
Digital Tools
Survey answers Fully customizable forms
Multiple choice questions
Easy data collection & visualization
Multiple coaching tool templates (editable)
Customizable landing page Customizable domain
Customizable brand colors
Scheduling & Availability
Google, Outlook or iCal Google & Office 365 Calendar integration
Pre- & post-session buffers
Multiple calendars supported*
Content Sharing
Share files & links, without much context Share resources and messages easily, visible in a clean timeline to refer back
No notes sharing or messaging capability
inside the platform
Share notes with clients easily from the
platform at any time
Virtually no collaboration Collaborate with full time associate coaches
or freelance coaches
Access for Program Managers and Administrators
Different levels of data accessibility for different roles
Easy Resources & Templates Sharing with
associated coaches
Contracts & Invoicing
E-sign contracts Fully customizable contracts
No customization of contract template E-sign contracts and get downloadable PDFs
Collect payments via Stripe Collect payments via Stripe and automatically
generate invoices
Coaching Management
No goal setting process Collaborative goal setting with client
Package builder Easy Journey builder – Automate engagements
& sell packages
Do the groundwork for each coaching engagement
from scratch
Set up automated notes, actions, surveys and session invites with the Journey Builder
Templates of coaching journeys (editable)

Made For

Paperbell is almost exclusively made for coaches, and they don’t claim anything that suggests otherwise in their marketing communications.  

Simply.Coach, on the other hand, started off intended to serve only coaches, but has quickly expanded its scope to serve counsellors, therapists, consultants, training & development companies and mentors alike. 


The plus point of Paperbell’s pricing is that there is only one plan to choose from, so there’s nothing to confuse you. It either works for you or it doesn’t. If you choose to pay annually, you pay $570 (that’s $47.50 per month, which means you get 2 months’ subscription free), or else you pay $57 per month if you choose to pay monthly. 

Simply.Coach takes a different approach; it offers separate pricing plans for individuals and businesses. The individual pricing plan starts from as low as $9 per month (when paid annually) –which offers basic features of the platform for a professional who’s just starting out with their practice and goes up to $59 per month with added benefits such as team/group coaching, unlimited clients, a white labelled platform and so much more. The business pricing plans range between $69 and $129 per month. 

There’s something for every professional requirement and budget! 

Digital Tools 

With Paperbell, coaches can send their clients surveys to fill up and have the option of viewing past surveys as well. But a sore point among Paperbell users is the lack of customisation of coaching tools, forms, and surveys. They offer a very basic survey option that lacks in nuances like easy to edit templates and data collation. 

Simply.Coach offers fully customizable forms, multiple choice questions, various templates for digital tools that professionals can use as is or edit as required. The repository of digital tools is ever expanding, and includes 360º Feedback, Impact Assessment, Reflective Goal Setting, and more. 

The data collection is incredibly easy and automatic, which forms the basis for rich insights. The platform automatically collates responses and data into beautiful, insightful reports that the professional can share with clients and their sponsors. 


Paperbell provides the option of giving its users customizable landing pages with the option to customize colours as per the brand of the business.  

Apart from providing the same as Paperbell, Simply.Coach also allows its users to create a landing page (called Showcase Page) on a customizable domain of their choice. On this landing page, users can showcase their experience, certifications and credentials, list out specialities, and even connect their calendars to allow prospects to book discovery sessions/calls with them. 

Scheduling & Availability

Both Paperbell and Simply.Coach offer similar features when it comes to scheduling. Paperbell allows integration with Google, Outlook, and iCal, whereas Simply.Coach offers Google and Office 365 Calendar integration. 

In that sense, Simply.Coach works to replace Calendly and Acuity for its users, thus bringing down the number of toolsets in use along with a reduction in resulting cost. With Simply.Coach’s calendar integration, users can have clients book sessions based on their shown available slots, allow clients to book recurring sessions, say for 3-6 months in advance, and show their availability on their Showcase Page so prospects can directly book discovery sessions. 

Not just that, Simply.Coach also lets users set up availability for different kinds of sessions at different times. You can: 

  • Segregate days by session types – for example, allow discoverability sessions on Monday only, and the rest of the week for current engagements 
  • Account for commitments and personal time, as well as buffer time between sessions 
  • Set a minimum and maximum buffer time so you get enough notice 
  • Keep the availability of certain session types private 

Paperbell too offers similar features, such as allowing for time buffers between appointments, limiting how far in advance clients can book sessions, and set different availabilities for different offerings. However, Paperbell doesn’t seem to offer the feature to keep the availability of certain session types private like Simply.Coach does. 

Content Sharing & Collaboration 

Content sharing and collaboration is where the bulk of difference lies between Simply.Coach and Paperbell. 

Simply.Coach comes with a comprehensive Client Workspace that lets its users create a completely digital, branded coaching journey for their clients all in one place. Using this space, clients can: 

  • Create, view, and mark progress on their own goals and actions 
  • Track their own progress and make notes 
  • Add content into their workspace and share it with you 
  • Assign actions to you (for ex. to review documents/work) 

Simply.Coach also gives you one central repository to share notes, links and any other documents with each client, all visible in a clean timeline to refer to. And if your client doesn’t have a workspace on Simply.Coach, they receive the shared content via email, accessible/downloadable for 7 days to protect your proprietary content. 

Paperbell, on the other hand, allows users to share files and links, but lacks the ability to set much context for the same. Moreover, unlike Simply.Coach, Paperbell fails to provide notes sharing or messaging capability inside the platform. 

For businesses, Simply.Coach goes even further by offering its users the option to collaborate with full-time associate or freelance service professionals and gives access to Program Managers & Administrators. Relevant resources and templates can also be shared with associate coaches with much ease, so that the brand experience gets standardized. Additionally, there is the ability to set different levels of data accessibility for different roles. Paperbell offers virtually no collaboration in comparison to Simply.Coach, leaving a lot to be desired. 

Contracts & Invoicing 

Simply.Coach and Paperbell both offer the ability to e-sign contracts that users can share with their clients. Simply.Coach, however, goes one step further and provides the option to fully customize contracts as per requirement and get downloadable PDFs as well. Paperbell, unfortunately, provides no such option, but does provide the option to coaches to upload their own custom contracts. 

Both Simply.Coach and Paperbell offer integration with Stripe, so the invoicing and payment collection process is streamlined on both platforms. However, where Paperbell offers the ability to accept payments across 8 currencies, Simply.Coach offers the same in 135+ different currencies! 

Coaching Management 

Since we’re comparing two major coaching management platforms, it is important to compare the actual coaching management features. 

Simply.Coach provides for a collaborative goal setting process with the client. It also comes with an easy Journey builder to templatise, standardize, and automate the coaching journey from start to finish (with an option for customization). The Journeys feature works at a micro level by enabling users to set up automated notes, actions, surveys, and session invites. 

Paperbell does not provide any goal-setting feature, a missed crucial element of coaching. While they do provide a package builder, there is no option to templatize and standardize a coaching engagement, which means that the coach must build each coaching engagement from scratch, which ends up eating into time that could be spent more productively. 

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Here’s what users missed in Paperbell
(Paperbell Reviews from Capterra)
“The survey questions drive me insane” (Lack of customizable forms, surveys and tools - coaching tools need more than just paragraph style answers.)
“Want flexibility for my clients or me to reschedule appointments in less than 24 hours” (Paperbell doesn’t offer granular scheduling and availability settings.)
“I wish there was a goals section so that I can enter in goals for my clients and also that clients can enter in themselves.” (Goal setting, a crucial part of coaching, is missing from the platform.)
“Sometimes you just need to talk out an issue with someone and the answer is quick and easy, instead of writing multiple email over the course of a week to figure something out.” (Lack of immediate chat support or help articles means often being stuck on problems that could be solved in seconds.)
“...not offering customization in the contract space isn't a good idea” (Not just coaching tools, but contracts need customization too, to be able to address your individual requirements as a coach/coaching business)
The platform rated #1 for Customer Success, Support & Value
We are rated 5.0 for “Customer Support” (the highest in the industry) & 4.9 for “Best Value for Money” (again highest in the industry)! Apart from offering the most value as a platform, Simply.Coach also provides the best-in-class, unmatched customer service. Whether it be our ever-ready chat support, detailed onboarding process or intuitive problem solving, we make sure you find success in scaling your business.
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We are rated 5.0 for “Customer Support” (the highest in the industry) & 4.9 for “Best Value for Money” (again highest in the industry)! 
Being one of the top-rated platforms on G2, Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice, the love of our customers is very evident. Another badge of honour is the recognition from Capterra as the “Best Value” Coaching Platform for 2022! We’re also proud receivers of the “High Performer Overall” and “High Performer for Small Businesses” badges on G2! 
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