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January 9, 2023
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$20 billion. That’s the estimated market size of the coaching industry this year. And according to the findings of the survey conducted by CoachHub on “Business Trends in Coaching 2023”, almost 9 in every 10 companies are intent on increasing their investment in coaching in the next 12 months.  

So, at Simply.Coach, we know that coaches are now basically dealing with a lot of competition – which means a lot more focus on running an efficient business that’s always agile and growing, while still focusing on bringing value to clients beyond all else.  

The platform automates business functions and all the administrative aspects of a coaching engagement (scheduling, tracking progress, reporting, etc.) so coaches can focus on interactions, outcomes, and growth, creating a cohesive and impactful journey for their clients.  

Here’s how some of our successful coaches have benefitted from using Simply.Coach

1. Dr. Bill Price 

Being a national moderator of COMENTA (one of the three professional bodies moderated by the government that manages coaches and mentors them professionally) in South Africa, Dr. Bill Price is well versed with quality, excellence, and professionalism and he has witnessed all of that and more within Simply.Coach. His impression of the platform was summed up in the words “not just simply outstanding but outstandingly outstanding”; and this after he went through 17 other presentations from other online coaching management platforms and rejected them all.  

So, why does Dr. Price think Simply.Coach manages to stand out “like a pole above water on the horizon” in this highly competitive market?  

  • Security: According to him, Simply.Coach has all the characteristics of a grade A coaching management platform built within it—quality, security, confidence, ethics, and an understandable flow. 
  • Business Management: The platform makes the administrative process associated with the coaching business feel like “a helping hand and a throbbing heart”. It takes off the administrative burden with so much ease. It helps him to work as a coach with his clients, without letting his passion deteriorate. 
  • Client Management: One of the best features of Simply.Coach, he feels, is the fact that he has all the details documented in one place now, keeping in mind the inter-personal relationship, flow of growth and personal development. 

In the words of Dr. Bill Price, with Simply.Coach, he has found “a seven-star product”, which “far outweighs” any other online coaching management platforms that he has been privy to. According to him, Simply.Coach has “touched the DNA of coaching.” 

2. Venkataraman Subramanyan 

Venkataraman Subramanyan, CEO of Tripura & Global Coaching Lab, first came across Simply.Coach through Ram Gopalan, one of the founders of the platform and a certified executive coach himself. He felt quite confident about choosing this platform because of the humility that the founders of Simply.Coach displayed in every conversation they had. According to him what stood out was the team’s genuine effort to understand what the clients are actually seeking and what they expect from the platform and, therefore, trying their best to deliver more.  

He feels that it has evolved remarkably over the past few quarters. He chose Simply.Coach because of: 

  • The commitment the team demonstrated in successfully improving their services based on client reviews. The team gave a patient hearing to their customers’ needs and requirements and made changes to the platform accordingly. 
  • The quality of the people behind the platform 
  • The flexibility to changes and supporting their clients to achieve more 

He believes that Simply.Coach will “blossom into something much bigger”. 

3. Lorraine Edwards 

Lorraine Edwards, Co-founder and CEO, “A Single Mission”, started using Simply.Coach based on a recommendation from peers. So, what exactly worked for her with Simply.Coach? 

  • The platform was easy to navigate—for both the coach and the coaches 
  • A very efficient service support system 
  • She found features such as the Action Plans, Resource Library, Shared Space, Check-ins for the goals very handy 
  • She liked that features were constantly updated, for instance Invoicing & Payments, Contract, offering page, etc. 

Lorraine Edwards likes to use Simply.Coach for her sessions and intends to keep using it as long as she continues to coach. 

Wish to learn more about Simply.Coach and its features? 

Check out our blog on the same here

4. Dr. Karen Semien-McBride 

Dr. Karen Semien-McBride, the founder of MKCircle CEO Institute, did quite a bit of research before zeroing in on Simply.Coach. So, why did she choose Simply.Coach above any other platform? Her answer is that the platform beat the competition in: 

  • Responsiveness 
  • Support 
  • All-round customer service 

Once her organization started using the platform, Simply.Coach had so much more to offer. It had a system that fits the organization needs and also comes across as very client-friendly—in terms of the reminders, client interaction with the system and the coaches. Dr. Karen recommends Simply.Coach to all the individual coaches, group of coaches as well as coaching organizations. 

What she likes best about Simply.Coach is the system security that it guarantees. Simply.Coach is now world’s most secure coaching management platform, being HIPAA, GDPR, and AICPA-SOC Compliant. She indeed feels that her coaching business is in safe hands with Simply.Coach. 

5. Adrian Kingsford 

Adrian Kingsford, an executive and leadership coach and a business mentor based out of the UK, makes a very interesting observation about Simply.Coach—it’s “built by coaches for coaches.” That itself implied that the fundamental understanding of the coaching principles, practices and methodologies are built straight into the platform. He was “blown away” by Simply.Coach. What he found extremely helpful here are: 

  • The built-in features, such as workflows, journey planning, shared spaces, digital tools, journaling, goal setting, checking in, action tracking, progress charting, and embedded video conferencing with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. These features help him plan, book, and join sessions directly from the “super clean interface” within Simply.Coach with full integration into his calendar. Integration and automation of multiple tasks have eased off the challenges of dealing with both individual clients as well as cohorts. 
  • As his clients can log in and see their own dashboard, they stay more organized and accountable. 
  • The regular nudges help clients stay on track and also keeps them accountable. 
  • It’s both coach and client-friendly, responsive, and caring 
  • The team listens to their customer’s problems, provides feedback, and takes proper action. 

Simply.Coach has successfully delivered exactly what he needed every single time—and even offered services that he never assumed was necessary before. In Adrian Kingsford’s words, “Simply.Coach is simply awesome.” 

Want to Explore Simply.Coach?

6. Rajasekharan V.M 

Rajasekharan V.M, a leadership coach and the chief consultant at BusinessClinique, was very categorical about what he was expecting from a coaching management platform. And here’s why he chose Simply.Coach:  

  • An important facet of leadership coaching is that while it’s one-on-one, the sessions are semi-structured but not quite formalized or documented well. He considers that as a lacuna in leadership coaching. With Simply.Coach, he can collect his thoughts, journalize the discussions, and follow through points very well. 
  • With Simply.Coach, he can now schedule his coaching sessions at the click of a button. And it offers you tools that help you put goals and sustainability actions in place. The progress tracker helps keep track of the actions that coachees are supposed to work on in between sessions. This is one feature that many of their client organizations have appreciated time and again. 
  • Even if he had a lot of repeat questions, Simply.Coach team would address them with a lot of patience. 

As per Rajasekharan, Simply.Coach is always willing to go the extra mile for their clients and help them perform better. 

What are you waiting for? 

Coaching is increasingly becoming an inevitable guiding force both in career and life. Simply.Coach has proven itself to be a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform that is preferred and trusted by coaches in over 34 countries. What are you waiting for? To be one of the successful coaches and make a long-lasting difference to your coaching business, create transformative engagements, streamline your daily activities, engage potential clients, and more, trust Simply.Coach and sign up here. 


1. What qualities make successful coaches?

The basic intent of life coaching is to facilitate the client’s process of evolving, tapping into their inner wisdom and helping them make informed choices about their next course of action while they undertake a journey of self-awareness. The truly successful life coaches are those that bring a fine blend of experience, qualifications, innovative coaching processes, continued desire to learn and adapt to changing situations and technologies. The true worth of a life coach’s success lies in the transformation they have delivered and the actual impact they have had in their clients lives, either personal, professional or both.

2. Who are some of the most successful life coaches?

Some of the most famous and successful coaches include Tony Robbins (world’s most well-known life coach and business strategist, entrepreneur, bestselling author as well as a philanthropist), Robin Sharma (globally celebrated leadership expert and philanthropist, bestselling author of 15 books – the most famous being The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari), Mel Robbins (one of the sought after speakers in the world, Mel Robbins is a lawyer, TV host, best selling author and one of the most popular motivational life coaches), Bob Proctor (founder of the legendary Proctor Gallagher Institute, is one of the foremost authority on life coaching and business coaching and is known as a world-renowned speaker, bestselling self-help author and lecturer), Eckhart Tolle (a German spiritual teacher, bestselling self-help author and a much sought-after wellness life coaches, also known as ‘the most popular spiritual author in the United States’, with his books – The Power of Now and A New Earth – have been translated into over 52 languages).

About Simply.Coach

Simply.Coach is an enterprise-grade coaching software designed to be used by individual coaches and coaching businesses. Trusted by ICF-accredited and EMCC-credentialed coaches worldwide, Simply.Coach is on a mission to elevate the experience and process of coaching with technology-led tools and solutions.  

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