5 Ways to Leverage Instagram for Business as a Coach in 2024  

July 4, 2023
Instagram for business

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The world of Instagram and coaching have come together and how! Instagram’s high engagement and reach make it a favorite social media channel among professional coaches of all niches. 

If you’re wondering how to leverage Instagram for Business for your coaching practice this year, we’ve got the low down for you. Here are some tips to harness the popular social media platform to grow your business. 

1. Creator Account 

Instagram for Business is a must-have for all coaching practices in this digital era. You can transform your business or personal Instagram account into a creator account and get access to features and tools that help manage your online presence better. 

You can track growth through a professional dashboard, get an idea of what content works best via growth insights, organize messages and control notifications with the help of a secondary inbox, sort them based on received dates or top accounts by ranked request, and so much more. 

2. Instagram Feed 

When it comes to using Instagram for Business, you have several creative ways to reach out to your prospects with your brand story. One way is through your Instagram Feed.  

You can share photos and videos and connect with your clients, and find out what they are interested in with the help of this mobile-first Instagram destination. 

As a coaching business, you can get creative around sharing your brand story through engaging content, promoting your services and products, and inspiring your audiences to connect with what you have to offer.  

Some of the ways in which you can leverage your Instagram feed are: 

  • Tell your brand story through photos and videos and engage your audiences 
  • With “product tags” in your feed posts, so your audiences can easily browse through and buy your services and products right from within the app 
  • Seamlessly convert your posts into ads to accelerate the promotion of your business and reach out to new prospective clients 
  • Make the most of the “carousel ads” by adding up to 10 photos and videos, showcasing multiple services and products, sharing interesting stories weaved around your brand in each of the slides. 

Social media is now indispensable for marketing your coaching practice.  

Our “Social Media Guide for Coaches” post will guide you through using social media to build your brand! 

3. Instagram Stories 

This is where less is more. You can grab your audiences’ eyeballs effortlessly through crisp, snackable and fun content pieces (videos and images) called Instagram stories. Although these videos and vertical images disappear after 24 hours, they leave a long-lasting impact in audiences’ mind because of their in-the-now nature. 

These are effective tools that help create brand awareness, drive website traffic, and also lead your prospects to buy services and products through “product tags” from within the app — winning your prospects over within a small span of time.  

Some of the key features of Instagram Stories are: 

  • You can share a link to a post, a web page, or a product within a story to increase your engagement and website traffic 
  • You can interact with your prospects and learn more about them through questions or poll stickers 
  • Promote and create an enhanced sales experience by tagging your service and coaching package links in your stories 
  • Leverage carousel ads to promote your brand/services/coaching packages 

4. Instagram Direct 

Instagram Direct is the in-app messaging feature that allows you to share one-on-one posts, images, videos, stories, etc. with your prospects. This personal connection helps inspire them to hop on a discovery call with you, build bond, and drive sales in a seamless and organic manner. 

To enhance the experience with Instagram for Business, add a “send message” button to your business profile so that interested audiences can easily connect with you. This also helps respond to audiences who have engaged with your posts. Instagram also offers automation that allows you to quickly respond to more messages. 

5. Instagram Reels 

The best way to optimize Instagram for Business is by weaving your content around Reels. There are 2.35 billion monthly active users for Instagram Reels. It’s a powerful medium to reach out to and share your brand story with as wide an audience as possible. It helps you build and grow a loyal community, get onboard with trends and collaborate with other coaches to reel creators. 

You can turn your reels into ads, tag products and services to your reels, communicate with your viewers, and do much more. Getting in front of the camera and create short reels with advice are a great place to start building your video content! 

There may be multiple ways to grow your coaching career. However, if you are not making the best use of highly popular social media platforms such as Instagram to up your engagement quotient, you are missing out.  

However, simply being present on Instagram is not sufficient – being aware of their offerings for businesses via Instagram for Business is a must-do to leverage the platform effectively. 

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1. How to get paying coaching clients on Instagram?  

Some of the ways you can attract more paying clients for your coaching business on Instagram are by optimizing your profile, using relevant hashtags, creating your own community, creating content around branding, selling your products or services, and sharing content from influencers, participating in relevant conversations, etc.  

2. Why is Instagram good for business?  

The record says that more than 200 million users visit at least one business’ Instagram profile each day. It’s a no brainer that businesses can, in general, leverage Instagram’s huge audience towards increased brand share of voice and sales. 

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