8 Coaching Blog Ideas for 2023

June 7, 2023

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Marketing assets have undergone a sea change in the last decade, with more emphasis now on video, bite-sized content, podcasts and so on. However, one medium that has stood the test of time is blogs. Blogs are time-tested as they are very flexible in nature: you can create short, snackable blog posts; you can integrate videos and audio in your posts; it establishes direct one-to-many communication and so on. Being a part of your website, your blog can also help you immediately generate leads.
As for any professional, for coaches too, blogs are one of the best mediums to showcase your thoughts, establish your thought-leadership, and evangelize your services. Coaching blogs go a long way in attracting and retaining audiences.
Whether you’re setting your blog up or simply need a bit of inspiration, let’s look at 8 ideas that will help you generate content for your blog in 2023.

1. How-to blogs

Whether you are a life coach, business coach, or an executive coach, your primary (and perhaps the only) aim is to guide your client overcoming challenges. Your years of expertise and skills will go a long way in guiding your audience towards a solution to their problem. A step-by-step approach to do or achieve something is the best way to engage readers, establish yourself as a thought leader, and draw traffic to your website. Remember: You don’t want to give away all your secrets at once through these how-to coaching blogs. Instead tease the readers with a select few and draw them to your own service.


How to grow my business
How to communicate more effectively
How to inspire your team
Life coach blogs like “How to find inner peace”

2. Client-transformation stories

The best story that people love to hear is how somebody’s life or career or business changed for the better. Encashing on this human tendency, you can create and disseminate coaching blogs that talk about how a client had a particular challenge, how you used your expertise to solve it, and what outcome did it lead to for your client – a story that could resonate very well with your target audience. One, it could showcase your capabilities and support them with the right case studies. And two, it could attract your audience to embark on a similar transformation journey by availing your services. Simple yet strong and effective.


Life coach blogs of Lynda Hoffman: “Life Coaching Success Stories

3. Addressing clients’ pain-points

Your years of experience must have given you a fair idea of the most common pain points a majority of your clients deal with. You can surely address them in your social media posts. But it’s only in a blog that you can address their challenges in detail. This again establishes you as a thought leader and strengthens your credibility as a coach who your prospects can bank upon in overcoming similar challenges. You can also take up frequently asked questions and immediately engage your audiences by giving them practical solutions. You can dedicate an entire blog to one question or can club similar questions and address them vis single blog.


9 Tips For Letting Go Off The Past (Team Tony Robbins)

Are therapists and life coaches the same?

4. Share your story

The art of storytelling works wonder when it comes to making a mark on human minds. And nothing helps create a long-lasting impression on your prospects than sharing your own story, your journey as a coach, your struggles and motivations. A coaching blog that shares your journey may help prospects resonate with your story, get inspired by it, face their challenges, and may lead them to believe that you could be the coach who can guide them through their unique challenges.


The Art Of Calm: The Secret Doorway

Choosing the right blog topic is the first step on the ladder.

To make each blog work, read our write-up on “How to Get Coaching Clients from Your Blogs”!

5. What’s new

Whether you are marketing for life coaches or executive coaches or any other coaches, it’s important to get an edge over your competitors. To do so, your blogs should be relevant, up-to-date, and address what’s new in the industry your prospects are from. The fact that you are keeping up with the present industry trends again establishes you as a thought leader. Also, your write-ups would be considered a great source of knowledge as far as the industry trends are concerned.


How to stay up-to-date with the latest life coaching methodology

The trends that will rule the coaching industry in 2023

6. Listicles

Listicles make for an easy and quick read. People now-a-days want write-ups that they can read even on the go, easy to digest and yet have as much credibility as a detailed whitepaper or guide may have. The best way to cater to such an audience is to produce blogs in the form of listicles. For instance, if you are writing a blog that has a number of steps to follow, your reader may go back-and-forth with your blog and not get lost in between. Also, including a number in the title of the blog itself grabs more eyeballs as it helps set the readers’ expectation right from the start.:


8 Factors Therapists Should Consider While Choosing a Practice Management Software

7. Interviews

Sharing interviews of industry experts via your blogs immediately establishes your articles as crediblesources of information related to the specific industry. Reach out to industry experts, peers and colleagues to gather valuable information, tips and tricks that could be helpful for your prospects. To give these blogs an extra nudge, promote them through your social media posts.


The Urgent Need to Coach Young Professionals, with Pradip Sarin

From Manager to Master Coach with Jaya Bhateja

8. Reviews

The current generation goes through multiple reviews even before buying headphones. Blogs around reviews are, therefore, in great demand. When you review a service or a product, you help people take informed decisions—be it a product or a service. Plus, you build a reputation of an expert for yourself.


5 Digital Coaching Tools for Coaching Success & How to Choose One

25 Effective Software for Independent Business Consultants

How to find suitable topics for your coaching blogs?

Whether you are marketing for life coaches or any other niche, your aim is to grab as many eyeballs as possible via your blogs. But imagine spending hours researching a topic and days putting your thoughts on paper only to see that your blog isn’t grabbing as many eyeballs as you expected it to. Therefore, choosing the right blog topic is a vital cog in the wheel. Here’s how you may go about it:

1. Using Google Search

One of the easiest ways to find out relevant blog topics is via Google Search. Google’s autocomplete further helps you get an idea on the topics your target audiences are frequently looking for.

2. Consider competitor and other relevant websites

It’s always a great idea to track what your competitors are publishing – to get inspired and also stay ahead of the competition. You can do this either manually or through any of the website tracking tools available in the market. This gives you a fair idea of some of the trending coaching topics to discuss.


Now that you have a lowdown of some of the most popular topic or topic types of blogs that you can engage your audience with, we hope it can kickstart or optimize your content marketing efforts in no time. However, remember that it’s not only the topic that matters but how much you perform on the topic. Which means how well you write it, what links you use, what keywords you target, what topics or content you can optimize (using tools like Google Search Console), etc.

Blogs can be your gateway to showcase your capabilities, build awareness as well as rope in your audience. Use it well.

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1. Which are the best content topics for life coach blogs?

Some of the best content topics for life coaches are (Source):

  • How to set personal goals
  • How to be more optimistic
  • Importance of exercise and mental health
  • How to shift your mindset

2. What are the best coaching content ideas?

For coaches too, blogs are one of the best mediums to showcase your thoughts, establish your thought-leadership, and evangelize a product or a service. Some of the best coaching content ideas are:

  • How-to blogs
  • Client transformation stories
  • Share your journey
  • Client pain points
  • Reviews

3. What are the best blog topics for coaches?

Some of the best blog topics for coaches are:

  • How to improve work-life balance
  • How to work on effective communication skills at work
  • Selfcare for working parents
  • Converting your weaknesses into strength

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