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April 3, 2023
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While mindset coaching is a specialized niche, there are plenty of mindset coaches that have already made their mark in the world. Many such coaches are putting out their expertise and services up for public consumption to bring in business – a method that, if refined, has proven massively successful for so many professionals.  

We are giving you a roundup of 6 mindset coaches on Instagram who are using the platform intentionally for their business and becoming a credible source of valuable information.  

Check out the list and let it serve as an inspiration for you to put your own offer out there into the world using creative ways that are also true to your brand. 

1. Laura Murillo 

Laura Murillo is a mindset, life, and leadership coach who coaches high achieving, ambitious women and female entrepreneurs to accomplish their business goals, lead with confidence, and create their versions of success. 

Laura has used evidence-based mindset tools and business strategy techniques (that have worked successfully for herself) to coach women on how to conquer their deepest fears, combat their setbacks, take the courage to redefine success, and start their own business that shoots to success. 

You can follow her here

2. Dr. Sasha Heinz 

Dr. Sasha Heinz is a mindset coach and developmental psychologist with a practice grounded in psychological science. She helps individuals struggling with feeling unfulfilled, with productivity, inner critic, catastrophic thinking, perfectionism, and more.  

Her Instagram feed has a rather clean aesthetic, where you can find a decent mix of static posts with explanatory captions and educational reels where Dr. Heinz succinctly explains several concepts and offers helpful solutions and tips to overcome obstacles. Your takeaway? Maintaining brand consistency and a well-balanced mix of content. 

You can follow her here

3. Laura Ann 

As a money & mindset coach, Laura Ann helps people become financially confident, take control of their future, and achieve financial freedom.  

Laura believes that money is a tool that helps us build the life we desire, and it is an energy that needs to be aligned with our goals & values to enable us to feel good about ourselves. She believes that building an abundance mindset around money can help us tap into the wealth that life has to offer. 

She addresses topics around money like investing and saving, by tapping into the mindset behind them, which helps build sustainable habits around one’s finances that are long-term. Laura also has her own podcast called ‘Mind Money Soul’ which you can tune into to get a more comprehensive understanding of what she stands for and what she has to offer. 

You can follow her here

4. Ramit Sethi 

Ramit is the author of the New York Times bestseller ‘I Will Teach You How to Be Rich’, using the principals of which he coaches people. He coaches people on living a rich life and grow out of the rut and frustrations and rut of living a small life.  

As an Indian immigrant living in the United States, Ramit is particularly relatable to South Asians as he shares the limited mindsets and ideologies that South Asian families commonly harbour and that their children then adopt.  

On his Instagram, he can be often found challenging commonly held beliefs and mindsets around money and offers interesting ways of tackling everyday as well as long-term financial aspects. He advocates spending on things you love (even though social norms consider it a waste) and ruthlessly cut down spending on things you don’t love.  

You can follow him here

5. Jennifer Grace 

Jennifer Grace is a money mindset coach, but where she stands apart from the others on this list is in her targeted niche of addressing money mindset issues surrounding one’s own business.  

She shares insightful ideas and tips relevant for business owners who find themselves stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage, feel shame around the lack of results in their business, and struggle to make money feel easy in their lives. 

She advocates keeping a relaxed mindset around money and aims to demolish her clients’ scarcity mindset by helping them come into their true alignment. 

You can follow her here

6. Kel Galavan 

Creator of the Smart Money Formula, Kel Galavan is a money mindset coach with a wealth-building approach that works from the inside out rather than outside in. She teaches her clients how to build long-term wealth and the confidence that comes with it, by helping them create a healthy relationship with money. She uses a combination of systems & habits to help her keep her clients on track. 

The author of the book ‘Mindful Money’, Kel Galavan’s Instagram feed is full of tips to help people gain more power around money – budget myths that trap you, handling finances with a partner, tips to make money last longer, and more. 

You can follow her here.  

You’ll note that each of these accounts really lean into their niche and are consistent with their brand. Where Dr.Sasha Heinz has a beautifully curated page full of her brand colours and seriously motivating content, Laura Ann Moore’s content reflects an approachable, go-getting personality. Let that be the cue to your first step in Instagram marketing: What is your personality and approach as a mindset coach? 

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