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April 13, 2023
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Effective communication is one of the most coveted business skills of our time — more so now as most businesses have gone digital. Remote working environments, complex business scenarios, and politically precarious environments have created the need for intentional, refined communication. That makes for a wide playground for budding/established communication coaches to thrive. 

But how do you keep raising the bar? For your inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best communication coaches to follow online and learn from. 

1. Gary Genard 

With a doctorate degree in Drama, a professional career in acting, and a solid career as a professor in communication, Gary Genard has wonderfully combined the power of both performance and language in his “Genard Method” of training professionals in public speaking. He attempts to explore the techniques used by actors to influence their audience and puts them to use while coaching professionals with similar needs and requirements. 

His unique communication coaching technique involves application of theatre-specific performance tools in presentations, sales pitches, keynotes, interviews, media appearances, etc. He claims that his method helps overcome “debilitating speech anxiety” in professionals. 

As of 2022, Gary has made it to the Global Gurus top 30 list of communication coaching professionals for the 9th consecutive year. 

Social media presence: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube 

2. Carmine Gallo 

The author of 10 bestselling books and columnist for top publications, Carmine Gallo is one of the best communication coaches online. Focusing on body language development, media training, and ‘Talk like Ted’ workshops, his coaching endeavors include transforming CEOs, leaders, managers, and employees into extraordinary storytellers and communicators. He has advised multiple executives from global brands such as Accenture, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Ford, Google, and so on. Carmine is also a keynote speaker and instructor at Harvard University. His books have received awards and accolades, media features and endorsements by billionaire CEOs. 

Social media presence: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram 

3. Ivy Naistadt 

In a career that spans over 20 years as an executive speaking coach, consultant and speaker, Ivy Naistadt has helped clients reach their maximum potential in professional communication. Her experience as a television and theatre performer and a corporate spokesperson has given her a fair amount of understanding of the concept of stage fright and how to overcome the same through discipline. 

She has worked with America’s top executives, helping them master the art of public presentation. Her association as a communication coach with corporate stalwarts like IBM, Hershey, The New York Times, Corning, Pitney Bowes and government organizations like the U.S Department of Defense proves beyond any reasonable doubts that she is one of the country’s most recognized and best communication coaches. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn 

4. Dr. Nick Morgan 

Considered one of America’s best communication coaches and theorists, Nick Morgan is also an author, a keynote speaker, and a renowned blogger. Through his interactive speeches Nick shares the secrets of how to ace the game of virtual communication, body language, and storytelling. Trusted by the who’s who of the celebrity world and thought leaders, Nick’s client profile also includes political and educational leaders. 

He has successfully coached clients in offering Congressional testimony, prepared them to present themselves on the Today Show with poise, and helped them deliver remarkable TED talks. Recognized by Fortune 50 companies, Nick has also written for quite a few eminent CEOs and presidents. 

Social media presence: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram 

5. Cynthia Blair Kane 

As one of the most sought-after communication coaches online, Cynthia Blair Kane is the CEO and founder of Kane Intentional Communication. Her institution has guided more than 60,000 “high achieving individuals” with the help of her proprietary method called “Kane Intentional Communication”. 

She has also authored multiple bestsellers such as “How to Communicate Like a Buddhist”. Her YouTube channels are a rich source of her coaching resources. In her own words, she helps individuals communicate in a “calm, confident, conscious, and compassionate way”. 

Her expertise lies in guiding her clients to become more confident and present in every conversation, help navigate “confrontational” and “difficult” interactions and eliminate “negative self-talk”. Featured in the likes of The Washington Post, BBC Travel, The Chicago Tribune, etc., Blair was also named as the #2 communication coach to watch in 2021 by Yahoo. 

Social media presence: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram 

Effective communication is a must have skill if you want to climb the corporate ladder! 

Read our blog post for more on communication skills are integral even to leadership coaching programs. 

6. Genelle Aldred 

Genelle Aldred juggles multiple roles with ease—Communication strategist consultant, author, broadcaster, and media commentator. She works with her clients – that include London Stock Exchange, Texthelp and Peak — on developing cutting edge communications strategies for complex conversations and issues, media and presentation training. Her bestselling book, Communicate for Change, deals with having tough conversations and speaking more generally about societal culture. That’s the strength that she as a communication coach brings in her coaching as well.  

Social media presence: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook 

7. Scottie Spurzem 

An integral part of any communication coaching skills is language training. And who better than a language coach to help clients master a new language efficiently and effectively. One such renowned English language coach is Scottie Spurzem

Scottie helps international business professionals interact and communicate effectively in American English. A CELTA certified teacher and a former investor relations consultant, she helps her clients hone their English language skills and come across as confident and decisive in their communications, be it a face-to-face conversation, email, or presentation. 

Social media presence: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube 

8. Gabriella Kovács 

An ICF certified language coach, Gabriella Kovács is a business communication trainer, language teacher, and an international speaker by profession. She has authored books such as “A comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook.” 

Her skills as a language coach lie in offering “professional perspective” in language learning, business communication training, soft skills training for corporate clients, facilitation, etc. She helps clients looking out for a career shift from one language profession to another experience a seamless transition process. 

Her recent talks include: Tesol Greece, 2020 September, Gallery Teachers Masterclass, 2021 March, First International Language Coaching Conference, plenary speaker, July 2nd, 2022, London, etc. 

Social media presence: LinkedIn, Facebook 

If you want to pursue and make a successful career as a communication and language coach just like these amazing coaches, take a slice out their journey as inspiration (or perhaps out of their online marketing!) and mold it the way that works best for you. We have linked their different social media handles here. 

Sources: Globenewswire, Coachfoundation, Coachfoundation 


1. Who are the best communication coaches? 

There are several communication coaches who have successfully made their mark in the industry. Some of them are Gary Genard, Carmine Gallo, Ivy Naistadt, Nick Morgan, Cynthia Blair Kane, and Genelle Aldred. 

2. What does a communication coach do? 

A communication coach helps individuals interact effectively personally as well as professionally by honing their communication skills by means of asking relevant questions, offering the right perspective, and delegating accountability. 

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